Executive Furniture Hire to Impress

Executive Furniture Hire which will Impress from the Outset

I’m looking to create a classy working environment, any ideas?

Yes, why not consider hiring from our sophisticated range of executive furniture hire. If you are looking for high quality furniture that is sure to instantly impress any visitors to your office then this range of furniture is for you.

Our executive furniture hire will instantly modernize any working environment, whilst also showing professionalism and style. In today’s competitive corporate environment it is more important than ever that your office furniture leaves guests with a positive first impression and therefore showing them you take pride in maintaining a classy, productive working space.

Executive Desk

Sounds great, can you give me more information on items available?

Yes, why not first consider hiring our Executive Bow Fronted Workstation. This walnut 1800mm workstation is the epitome of style and will stand out in whatever space it is placed. This robust desk is constructed from 36mm thick material so is sure to provide a safe and secure space for either yourself or staff to work. Furthermore this desk includes adjustable feet to maximize stability.  

This desk is extremely high end and luxurious and would make the perfect item for you to hire this year. Additionally this desk is extremely practical as it incorporates cable ports, allowing you to keep wires and cables hidden and your desk tidy at all times. At just £70 per week this stylish desk is guaranteed to brighten up any old office.

Executive Storage Options

Wonderful, do you have matching storage?

Yes, we offer a selection of executive storage that will help keep your working environment clean and presentable. For example, why not hire our Low Executive Cupboard which will perfectly compliment your new desk.

This cupboard is ideal for executive and managerial environments and made to the highest specification in the UK. Equally this storage space is extremely secure constructed from 25mm thick melamine and therefore will make the perfect space to store documents and files that just seem to be stacking up on your desk.

I need a lot of storage space, any other options?

Furniture Hire UK prides itself on offering a wide choice of furniture options and therefore you could also hire our Executive Tall Cupboard. This stylish cupboard is lockable so you can keep personal items safe and secure at all times, meaning you have no worries about the safety of important documents once you have left the office.

Our executive storage options are guaranteed to allow you to create a classy, stylish environment that can be kept organized and tidy at all times. An organized office is also extremely useful in hectic business environments as it will help increase office productivity.