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What kind of furniture would you recommend hiring for a conference event?

Holding a professional conference is a big responsibility. You need everyone at the event to be confortable and their needs to be catered to. A big influence on this is what furniture you choose to use for the conference. You need to use tables that are big enough to allow a number of people to comfortably sit around them, but the table also needs a layout that allows people to easily talk to each other.

At Furniture Hire UK we have a range of conference furniture available to hire. If you are looking to hire furniture for a large number then the Large Sized Meeting Table would be perfect for you. The Large Sized Meeting Table can easily sit up to sixteen people. The table can is also very functional as it can be increased in sixe for larger meetings or conferences, but it can also be decreased in size for smaller occasions, or if it needs to fit into a smaller room.

This table will be invaluable to your business as it will create a very professional and modern image at each meeting and conference. You can hire this table for only £40.91 per week.

What chairs would be suitable to go with this table?

If you are looking to complete the professional look of your boardroom then why not also hire our Herman Miller Meeting Room Chair. This chair comes in the modern colour of black so will look stylish in any meeting. The Herman Miller Meeting Room chair is designed to be extremely functional for any meeting. It is made from four grey steel legs, which have castors on to allow the chair to be easily mobile.

The chair also has arms to give extra comfort which is essential throughout any long meeting. The Herman Miller Chair can be stacked when not in use, making it extremely easy to store. Best of all this chair can be hired for only £3.86 per week so you can complete the modern and professional look of your conference room for a very small sum.

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Why should I hire furniture from Furniture Hire UK?

Hiring furniture takes all the stress away from selecting furniture for your business or office. When you hire furniture you are not signing into a lengthily contract, but can just hire for a week at a time if that is all you require. If you want to update your image and have a furniture make over this is no problem at all. All you would need to do is give us a ring on 0844 567 5744 and we would sort out your new replacement furniture for you in no time.

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