Office Space Solutions

Storage Solutions Available With Furniture Hire UK

Do you have any solutions to creating more office space?

Creating the perfect office space is a very trying task. An open plan office can be a really good idea as it allows people to integrate into the business very easily. It also allows people to work together on certain tasks and makes it simple for people to ask for help if they need it.

Sometimes though, you may need to separate the office from a completely open plan space. This could be on a permanent, or temporary basis. We offer the perfect solution at Furniture Hire UK as our office furniture range includes the option of a Freestanding Screen Hire. You can hire a black Freestanding Screen from us for the brilliant price of only £15 per week. The freestanding screen can also be hired in a blue colour if this will suit the look of your office better.

The Black freestanding Screen is perfect if you need temporary or permanent office solutions. The screen is a black fabric so does not look cheap, but very professional. It comes with its own feet already attached so is very stable. The Black Freestanding Scream comes in the size of 1800mm x 1200mm. this means that if you only need to make a small partition you can just use one screen, but if you need to make a bigger space or room then a number of screens can be lined up next to each other.

Why should I hire, not buy the Freestanding Screen?

Hiring furniture from Furniture Hire UK is extremely simple. All you need to do is log onto our website at and place your order on the website, or alternatively you can call us on 0844 567 5744 and we will help you order exactly what you need. If you buy a number of freestanding screens from a different supplier you will be left with them if you no longer need the screens in the future.

You would need to find somewhere to store them whilst they are not in use which could be a difficult task as they are big object. If you hire the Black freestanding screen from us, you are able to return as many screens as you wish, whenever you wish. This means you will not be left with the stress of trying to find somewhere to store them. Our furniture is also delivered extremely quickly as we have number of warehouses across the UK. So why not give us a call today to enquire about your freestanding screen or any other office or conference furniture you may need.