New Outdoor Furniture For The Spring

Outdoor Café Furniture

Can I hire any outdoor furniture for my café from Furniture Hire UK?

Spring will soon be upon us, and will hopefully bring with it some lovely weather for us all to enjoy. This will create the perfect opportunity for your business to make some extra money. By hiring outdoor furniture from Furniture Hire UK you will be able to serve more customers than you would usually be able to.

Our outdoor furniture hire range is perfect for a number of business’ such as cafes and restaurants. Our Chrome Bistro Table is one of our most popular outdoor pieces of furniture. The chrome gives the table a very modern and attractive look making it appealing to potential customers walking by.

Can the Chrome Bistro Table be used outside?

Yes. The Chrome Bistro Table can be used in all weather so it wont have to be brought inside every time there is rain. It also has a very sturdy base so that it will be extremely stable during any wind. The Chrome Bistro Table can also be used inside which makes it very adaptable during the winter months if more seating is needed inside your restaurant or café. Hiring the chrome bistro table from Furniture Hire UK will not set you back a large sum of money. The table can be hired for the brilliant price of only £4.99 per week.

Do you have any other outdoor furniture that would complement the Chrome Bistro Table?

To create the perfect outdoor seating area, you will need comfortable but also durable chairs. Furniture Hire UK has the perfect option of the Chrome Bistro Chair. The chair is lightweight but still very stable and durable to all weather conditions. 

The Chrome Bistro Chair is made from an aluminium frame with a slotted seat for comfort. The aluminium frame is perfect for outdoor weather as it will not rust at all from being exposed to rain. If during the winter months you need more seats for your café or restaurant, the Chrome Bistro Chair can be brought inside, and due to is plastic feet, it will not mark or scrape your floor.

What happens to the products when they are not in use?

When not in use the chair can be stacked up to five chairs high so is extremely easy to store and will not take up huge amounts of space. If you would like to enquire further about our range of outdoor furniture then give us a call today on 0844 567 5744. You could also log onto our website at to look at our full range of products that we have on offer.

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