Spring Wedding Furniture

Wedding Furniture

Your wedding day is one of the specialist days of your life, however it can also be one of the most stressful, so why not let Furniture Hire UK help you and take the stress from your wedding. 

Seating Arrangements

We need a large number of chairs, what would you recommend?

Furniture Hire UK specialises in chair hire, and one of our most popular wedding chairs is the Banquet Chair with White Cover. This classic chair oozes styles and sophistication, as well as providing comfort for your guests. Furniture Hire UK know that each wedding is unique and therefore they have provided you with a wide range of bow colour choices such as black, ivory, gold, red, burgundy and pink. This chair is an absolute bargain at only £3.50 per chair per week to hire.

Complementary Products

What other wedding products do you have?

Along with chairs, Furniture Hire UK also offers a wide range of different styles of tables.  Whether you are having a large wedding meaning you have a lot of people to seat, or a smaller intimate wedding, Furniture Hire UK have the perfect size table for you and your venue.  A great table for any wedding is the 1525mm Circular Banqueting Table, which seats 8 banqueting chairs. These tables are collapsible and stackable meaning that if you need to remove any throughout the course of the night it is simple and easy to do so. These sturdy tables are only £6.50 per table per week to hire.

A Cheaper Alternative

Is it cheaper to higher furniture or buy it?

Wedding events are a rare occasion, and thus generally call for unique pieces of furniture. If you chose to buy your wedding furniture it may not only cost you a lot of money but also mean that you are then stuck with furniture that you can no longer re-use. This is why it is better to higher your furniture, as not only are you saving yourself money as it is cheaper to higher than it is to buy, but you will also not be stuck with furniture once you are done, you can simple call up Furniture Hire UK and we will come and pick it up for you! So why not give us a call today on 0844 567 5744 and find out more about all the great pieces of furniture that we have to offer you!

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