Furniture For A Spring Wedding

Wedding Furniture Options

Do you have any suitable furniture to hire for a wedding?

With spring quickly approaching, lots of you will be busy planning your perfect wedding. Planning a wedding these days is not a small task and it can take a long time for everything to be sorted. At Furniture Hire UK we are able to make this huge task a lot easier and stress free. We have a wide range of wedding furniture to offer you which means that all your furniture for your wedding reception will be available to hire from one place, at extremely cheap prices.

If you are in need of tables for your wedding reception then look no further than us. We can offer you the 1830mm Circular Banqueting Table. This table is perfect for any weddings as it can seat up to ten people.  The circular shape of table means that it is easy for people to socialise without having to lean across the table to hear other people. The table is also collapsible and stackable, so once the time comes for dancing, the table can easily be stacked away neatly to the side of the room.

This will give you a large sized dance floor in no time.  To complete the look of your table you can also hire a circular tablecloths which will fit the 1830mm Circular Banqueting Table perfectly.

Do you have any other furniture suitable for weddings?

If you are looking for complementary furniture for the 1800mm Circular Banqueting table then a perfect option for you would be the Banquet Chair with White Cover. The chair originally comes unfinished but we will supply you with a white chair cover and also a bow in your choice of colour. The bow comes in the colours of white, black, ivory, gold, red, burgundy and pink, so you are guaranteed to find something to suit your wedding. The chair can be hired at the great price of only £3.50 per week.

Hiring Furniture

Why should I hire furniture from you?

At Furniture Hire UK we pride ourselves on great customer service. It is extremely easy for you to hire furniture from us. You can either go through the website at, or you can ring us on 0844 567 5744 and we will talk you through all the different options. We have a number of warehouses across the UK, so we can offer you very fast delivery of your furniture.


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