Spring Outdoor Cafe Furniture

Outdoor Furniture For The New Season

Do you have any outdoor café furniture for hire?

With the warm weather on its way many café owners will be hoping to draw in more customers than usual. A great way to create more space for customers is to add some outdoor furniture to your café. Customers will love this as they will be able to sit and enjoy their coffee and cake in the sun. at furniture Hire UK we have a selection of outdoor furniture that will be perfect for any café. One of the most popular options we have is the Chrome Bistro Table.

This table is a great option for café owners as it extremely functional. The table can be left out in any type of weather and will not rust. The Chrome Bistro Table has a lightweight frame so can easily be moved around as needed. The table can also be brought inside if more tables are needed during winter months, or periods of bad weather. The chrome frame of the table makes it very easy to clean without fuss. You can hire the Chrome Bistro Table from us for the great price of £9.99 per week.

Do you have any complementary furniture to go with the Chrome Bistro Table?

We have a number of options, but one of the best for you would be the Chrome Bistro Chair. This chair matches the table perfectly and will look great outside in the summer. The Chrome Bistro Chair as an aluminium frame which makes it easy to clean. Another great feature of this chair is that is can be stacked up to five chairs high. This is brilliant for when you need to stack the chairs away at night as it will save on space needed.

Furniture Hire UK Benefits

Why Hire Furniture from us?

Hiring furniture from us is quick and simple. You can either log onto our website at www.furniturehireuk.com, or alternatively you can ring us on 0844 567 5744. We will be able to help you and give you all the information you need so that you can decide on the pieces of furniture that will best be suited to your needs. We have a number of warehouses across the UK, so we can offer very fast delivery.

In most cases, delivery of furniture will be the next day. If you have any problems with any of the furniture we have supplied, we will happily come to take the furniture away, and replace it with new options. This is great for if you fancy a makeover for your café and want to replace all your tables for new ones. You will not have to worry about getting rid of the old tables as we will come and take them away for you, cost free!



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