Spring Banquet

Event furniture

Do you have any furniture suitable for a charity banquet?

At Furniture Hire UK we have a wide range of furniture that is suitable for many different occasions.  We understand that planning a large event can be very stressful and we aim to reduce this by enabling you to hire all the furniture and linen you will need from one place. We have a large selection of banquet furniture which would be perfect for your charity event. First of all, you will probably need tables, so why not hire our 1830mm Circular Banqueting Table.

This table is very easy to set up in no time at all, and is also collapsible and stackable which makes it a brilliant choice for when space is needed for dancing later on in the evening. The 18300mm Circular Banqueting Table can seat up to ten people. It is a great choice for social events as people are able to easily interact with each other without having to lean across the table to hear everyone.

If you would prefer a smaller table than this one, the 1525mm Circular Banqueting Table would be better suited for you. This table will seat up to eight people. The 1830mm Circular Banqueting Table can be hired from us for only £7.50 per week.

Do you have any linen to hire which would be suitable for this event?

If you are hiring this table, you will also need to hire table cloths to complete the look. You can hire table cloths from us at the very low price of  £11 per week. The 1830mm Round Table Cloth in White is made to an extremely high quality. You also have the option of hiring this cloth in the colour of black.

This is a great idea if you are hosting a casino night as it will give a very elegant and modern feel to the night. If you want to complete the look of you Banquet further, then why not hire our napkins. Once again the napkins are available in the colours of black and white. You can hire either of the napkins for only £0.80 per week, a great bargain.

How do I hire furniture from you?

Hiring furniture from us is extremely easy. All you need to do is either log onto our website at www.furntiurehireuk.com, or alternatively you can ring us on 0844 567 5744 to find out more about all the options we have to offer you.

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