How To Furnish Your Reception Area

The reception area is arguably one of the most important areas of any office, as it gives your clients their first impression of you and your business, which is why you want to make sure that it is top class.

What type of furniture makes a good reception area?

A necessary piece of furniture in any reception area is the sofa. This is where Furniture Hire UK comes in as they have a wide range of sofas from you to choose from. One of our most popular items is the 2 Seater Combusier Sofa, a stylish and extremely luxurious leather sofa.  Not only is this sofa stylish but it is also extremely comfortable as it has a medium height supportive backrest and over sized cushions. This sofa will make any reception area look high class and expensive, which is exactly what you want! This sofa is an absolute bargain at only £99 per sofa per week to hire.

Complementary items

What items would complement this sofa?

A great product that would go with this sofa is the Coat Stand. There is nothing worse than having no where to neatly put your clients coats so this is the perfect solution. A great added extra to this coat stand is that it also includes an umbrella holder. This is great for you as it means that people will not be carrying wet umbrellas all around your office. This coat stand is only £12 per week per stand.  Another great item is the Circular White Coffee Table, which fits in well in any reception environment. This table is made from top quality materials, which ensures that it gives off an expensive look. The white solid tops fits onto solid grey stylish chrome legs and is extremely versatile.  This particular table is an absolute bargain at only £10 per table per week to hire.

Why Hire

What are the benefits of hiring furniture?

There are a number of benefits of hiring furniture such as its being cheaper and easier for you. Hiring furniture saves you money because sometimes you only need furniture for a short period of time you do not want to have to spend a lot of money for something you are not going to have for a long time, so hiring furniture is the perfect solution. It is also easier for you as you can pick and choose which items you want and Furniture Hire UK will deliver them to you door!

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