Host Your Own Chinese New Year Party

Host Your Own Chinese New Year Party

2022, the year of the tiger! Chinese New Year falls on Tuesday 1st February and celebrations typically last up to 16 days between January 31st and February 15th which coincides with the Lantern Festival. The Lantern Festival brings closure to the Chinese New Year and symbolises family reunions and society. The first 7 days are considered a public holiday.  

Chinese New Year marks the transition between zodiac signs, 2022 being the year of the tiger. Chinese New Year is celebrated by more than 20% of the world, it is the most important holiday in China. Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, marks the end of the winter and welcomes in the spring bringing new beginnings and fresh starts! 

The most fireworks are set off in the world that night. Going by the myth, Nian, firecrackers are supposed to scare off monsters and bad luck. For both Chinese New Year's Eve and in the morning, firecrackers are used to welcome the new year and bring good luck. On the same night, people also burn fake paper money and print gold bars in honour of their loved ones who have passed. So be prepared to hear a lot of fireworks that night! 

No showering is allowed on New Year's Day. Sweeping or throwing out rubbish isn't allowed before the 5th. It is believed you can “wash away” the good luck if you were to ignore these rules. There is also a day before the Spring festival which is dedicated to cleaning and “sweeping away the bad luck”. 

If you like dumplings, you're in luck. Even though technically there is a tradition of eating dumplings for every meal, many people do not do this anymore. Even the tastiest of foods can become too much. Many people tend to eat them during the New Years Eve dinner or even for the first breakfast. 

People of all cultures all over the world celebrate Chinese New Year. Each country will have their own celebrations and events for the festival. In the UK, London is the biggest city known for celebrating Chinese New Year. Usually there would be a big gathering in Trafalgar square with a parade, free stage performances and traditional chinese food. Unfortunately due to covid this event will not be taking place this year, instead people will be having their own celebrations at home.  By following #CNYLondon on social media to enjoy the online programme of events and activities. There will be a television broadcast on February 6th for everyone to enjoy. 

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