Boardroom Table Hire

There is something rather inviting about stepping into a boardroom that is smart and well presented, particularly since the boardroom is often where make or break decisions are made, an environment where important business proposals are laid out or planned.  One of the most important key factors that will help demonstrate the success and quality of a business is the furniture, this is of paramount importance to potential clients as well as the general internal staff and colleagues in your business.

Productive Ambience

A boardroom that offers an ambience that appeals to both internal and external clientele will invariably be the most productive, furniture that is stylish comfortable and practical is therefore as important as the overall decor of your office, which is why we like to offer our customers a wide and varied selection of boardroom table hire options, tables that are instantly noted for their style and presentation. our selection of boardroom tables are for example designed with quality in mind, and offer the user not only style and elegance but practicality and versatility.

Easy to Assemble Meeting/Boardroom Tables

Our boardroom tables are easy to assemble, which is perhaps one of the defining features that make these tables such a desirable table hire option. When you have an important meeting and need to allocate space for a specific number of people quickly and with minimal preparation our modular tables are ideal. The spring leg mechanism fitted on all these tables enables you to set up quickly and conveniently, enabling you to construct meeting areas as large or small as necessary to your requirements.

Style and Sophistication

The additional practical benefits include the fact that you can assemble and dis-assemble the modular tables quickly and easily, affording you quick and easy storage with additional space saving capacity as appropriate to your needs. So whether you are planning a small informal business meeting, brain storming session or large business meeting our modular tables make your planning simple quick and convenient with just the right amount of sophistication and style. Equally diverse and exuding style and elegance is our very sleek executive boardroom table, constructed in rich walnut it is perfect for any boardroom that requires sophistication.

Meeting tables in all sizes - or create your own!

Our large meeting room table is easy to construct and set up, seats up to 16 people and is perfect for all your large meeting needs. Our medium size meeting room is equally convenient and quick to set up, seating up to 10 people it is the perfect medium sized meeting room table If you want a sleek and well-presented meeting area then our horse shoe meeting room table is ideal. Constructed in rich walnut, our executive boardroom table oozes charm and elegance, the butterfly leg design adds to an already highly sophisticated table and is perfect for any corporate meeting area. You're also able to order as many tables as you like to create a table that is the perfect size for your needs, check out our seating planner if you'd like chair options too.

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We deliver to London and the Southeast every day from our depot based in Southeast London, so why not give us a call today we are always happy to take your call. Based in the Northeast? No problem our deliveries cover the Manchester area so you can give us a call at any time to arrange that all important delivery