Cube Seat Hire

Our colourful cube seats are modern, funky and extremely versatile. They can be positioned in seconds, altered at anytime if required and look great with our colourful bean bags.

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Green Cube Seat

£12.65 / 1-7 days

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White Drum Stool

White Drum Stool

£13.75 / 1-7 days

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LED Colour-Changing Curved Bench

LED Colour-Changing Curved Bench

£46.22 / 1-7 days

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Getting a contemporary vibe for your venue has never been easier thanks to our cube seating. The bold lines of the product and sleek finish look fantastic in all those modern locations, where ultimate style and sophistication is your aim. But what exactly is ‘contemporary’ and what can our cube seating hire bring to your venues and events?

Keep your cool!

A modern look can be achieved in many different ways. You only need to glance around the high street and into retail, cafes, bars and bistros to see the variety of ways that outlets have honed their look to appear very modern. Some businesses like to apply a traditional feel to their fashionable premises, using heavy woods and relics - such as old street signs - to bring atmosphere and warmth to locations.

Statement seating

A very contemporary look often favours minimalism, as well as airy spaces that attract lots of natural light, or have artfully arranged artificial lighting. Cube seating hire allows you to make the most of these kinds of venues, and complement modern spaces. The straight lines of this product line really make an impact, and the black finish also makes a statement.

Benefits of contemporary cube seating hire

Our products in this range give you the opportunity to include cool seating in your contemporary venue. The benefits to promoting this kind of image can have a really positive effect on your company. This is because you’re showing customers that you’re a company that moves with the times and is forward thinking. Offering a very modern outlet to your clients - whether they’re dining, drinking, working or networking - helps to promote your brand as one that is ahead of others.

Say less, with more

Because modern spaces often favour minimalist design, then this can also suit many different customers, who can hire locations and use their own branding, without it clashing with decor that doesn’t fit with their company identity. This can make your venue top of the list if you hire it out to companies or customers. Likewise, if you hold a lot of functions in a room designed like this, it’s easier to start with a blank canvas, and adapt the look for each event.

Fancy some cubism?

The most noticeable aspect about the products from our cube seating hire range, is their funky appearance. The cube shape and strong lines of the product can really stand out in a contemporary venue. As well as it’s really contemporary appearance, this item is also top quality and comfy to sit on too - beauty is much more than skin deep where our cube seating is concerned!

Luxury leather look

The faux leather finish is robust yet soft to the touch, and is a fantastic option when you want seating for use in cafes, bistros and hotels, because any food or refreshment spillages can be easily wiped clean. The walnut feet are sturdy and complement the stitching in the fabric, which adds to the quality look of the seating. The seating surface of the product is cushioned, making this both a comfortable seat and one that also makes a statement, in all the right ways!

Why cubes can be so versatile...

The shape of our cube seating is very modern, but also very versatile too. You can arrange them as you see fit, in small groups or larger ones too. This flexibility is fantastic for those venues that might host networking or conference events, as well as cafes, bars and bistros. Visitors to venues opting for our cube seating can easily gather seats together for larger group meetings or simply use a few of them for one-to-one breakout meetings for example.