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Fine Dining Furniture Hire

Looking for furniture hire which is slightly different and guaranteed to make an impact? Look no further! Our Fine Dining is exquisite and makes a lasting impression at all events and functions.

  • fine dining table
  • chrome poseur tables and walnut stools
  • fine dining tables and chairs

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Fine Dining Chair


£16.54 / 1-7 days

Deluxe deep padding. Cream leather finish. Soft & supportive seat. Rich walnut legs. Matching tables in stock.

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4063 Available
Slimline Conference Chair


£3.05 / 1-7 days

21 Rating(s)

A slimline and versatile conference chair. Ideal banqueting chair. Slimline design to maximise seating capacity. Stackable up to 10 high.

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7217 Available
Limewash Chiavari Chair


From£2.47 / 1-7 days

146 Rating(s)

Ultra elegant Chiavari chairs. Timeless limewash finish. Deluxe cream chair pad. Stackable for easy storage. Elegant and light frame.


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1446 Available
Ghost Chiavari Chair


From£3.10 / 1-7 days

18 Rating(s)

Ice chiavari chair hire. Popular wedding chair. Contemporary and stylish.

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White Resin Chiavari Chair


From£3.52 / 1-7 days

3 Rating(s)

White resin chiavari chair rental. Easy to clean. Scratch resistant. Perfect for weddings.

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Black Resin Chiavari Chair


£4.15 / 1-7 days

Black resin chiavari chair hire. Popular banqueting chair. Scratch resistant. Easy to clean.

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Limewash Cross Back Chair


£3.75 / 1-7 days

Limewash cross back wedding chair hire. Distressed limewash appearance.

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3ft Round Banquet Table Hire (Seats 2-4)


£4.36 / 1-7 days

3 Rating(s)

Folding round table. Versatile for every event. Table linen is available. Seats 4 banqueting chairs. Matches a range of seating. Linen ordered separately.

Invalid quantity!
4ft Round Banquet Table Hire (Seats 4-6)


From£5.36 / 1-7 days

51 Rating(s)

Folding round table. Versatile for every event. Table linen is available. Seats 6 banqueting chairs. Matches a range of seating. Linen ordered separately.

Invalid quantity!
5ft Round Banquet Table Hire (Seats 6-8)


From£6.35 / 1-7 days

55 Rating(s)

Round, folding table. Can seat 8 people. Linen & napkins in stock. Stackable for storage. Suits range of seating. Linen ordered separately.

Invalid quantity!
448 Available
6ft Round Banquet Table Hire (Seats 8-10)


From£8.24 / 1-7 days

93 Rating(s)

Folding circular table. Provides room for 10 diners. Versatile for many occasions. Matches variety of seating. Top quality napkins in stock . Linen ordered separately.

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4ft Square Trestle Table Hire (Seats 4)


£10.97 / 1-7 days

2 Rating(s)

Square folding tables . Set up/take down in seconds. Can be stacked for storage. Table and chair linen in stock. Can seat 4 banqueting chairs. Linen is ordered separately.

Invalid quantity!
466 Available
4ft Rectangular Trestle Table Hire (Seats 4-6)


From£4.15 / 1-7 days

70 Rating(s)

Rectangular folding tables . Set up/take down in seconds. Can be stacked for storage. Table and chair linen in stock. Can seat 4/6 banqueting chairs. Linen is ordered separately.

Invalid quantity!
1298 Available
6ft Rectangular Trestle Table Hire (Seats 6-8)


From£4.15 / 1-7 days

241 Rating(s)

Solid, collapsable and stackable. Stable and easy to set up. Premium tablecloths available. Napkins & runners in stock. Seats 6/8 banqueting chairs . Linen ordered separately .

Invalid quantity!
Napkin - White


£0.74 / 1-7 days

19 Rating(s)

Pristine white napkin. Deluxe, thick fabric. Matching tablecloths stocked. Fold to suit your event. We wash and clean for you.

Invalid quantity!
Napkin - Black


£0.84 / 1-7 days

4 Rating(s)

Classy black napkin. Made from premium fabric. Matches our tablecloths. Folds in variety of ways. Washed & cleaned via us.

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1 Seater Corbusier Sofa - White


£142.90 / 1-7 days £71.45 / 1-7 days

12 Rating(s)

Stylish single seat sofa. Modern white leather finish. Upholstered & very comfy. Supportive oversized cushions. Elegant chrome frame . Timeless & elegant design.

Invalid quantity!
2 Seater Corbusier Sofa - White


£187.56 / 1-7 days £93.78 / 1-7 days

8 Rating(s)

Chic white & chrome finish. Premium, comfy upholstery. Provides stylish seating for two. Super-sized cushions. Versatile for many functions. Available in black leather.


Invalid quantity!
3 Seater Corbusier Sofa - White


£254.10 / 1-7 days £127.05 / 1-7 days

9 Rating(s)

Deluxe chrome & leather look. Top quality comfy upholstery. Extra large cushions. Timeless & chic design. Can seat up to 4 people. Smaller sofas available.


Invalid quantity!
1 Seater Corbusier Sofa - Black


£129.90 / 1-7 days £64.95 / 1-7 days

8 Rating(s)

Ultra chic black & chrome sofa. Supportive, quality upholstery. Extra large comfy cushions. Elegant chrome frame. Matches our coffee tables. Available in white.

Invalid quantity!
2 Seater Corbusier Sofa - Black


£170.50 / 1-7 days £85.25 / 1-7 days

23 Rating(s)

Stylish black & chrome sofa. Soft, leather finish. Chic chrome frame. Supportive large cushions. 1-seater also in stock. For all stylish sofa needs.

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Walnut Coffee Table


£16.01 / 1-7 days

9 Rating(s)

Contemporary walnut table. Features 25mm thick top. Sat on an arrow head base. Perfect height for our sofas. A deluxe, top quality choice.

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Want Statement Furniture With A Fine Edge?

There are many occasions when you want and need everything to be just right, and fine dining is no exception. In fact it is probably one of the few occasions when detail is everything. No matter how often you plan or organise a chic event you will want to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Add finesse

The finesse and sophistication applicable to these kinds of events has not slipped our attention, which is why we aim to offer you the most sophisticated and chic items of furniture possible. Our range is so indelibly chic, your guests cannot fail to be impressed. What makes our products even more attractive is not only the fact that these items of furniture are so visually stunning but the versatility and compatibility, of our fine dining items with a range of other products.

Fine Dining Chairs – Classy and Stylish

Our fine dining chairs for example is the epitome of refinement and matches perfectly with our walnut poseur table, a look which is sharp sophisticated and instantly eye-catching. Our broad range of products enables you to choose high quality products that are suitable for almost any decor. What could be more inviting than a selection of smart and sophisticated furniture to entertain and impress your guests.

Sleek and Sophisticated Tabling

Our bistro tables are simply stunning and the ideal tables to entertain guests for any event, large or small. Sitting on a brushed chrome base this table is frequently selected with our fine dining chairs. Equally charming our walnut poseur tables offer elegance and sophistication in one highly attractive table. With a sleek chrome trumpet base set against dark walnut these tables are bound to make a lasting impression.

Corbusier Sofas – Comfort, Style and Elegance

When it comes to making an impression there can be nothing more distinctive than our corbusier sofas, which we have available in black and white. Elegance and comfort are the key words that define these stunningly attractive sofas which prove to be a popular sofa rental option time and again, not only do they stand out for quality but they are uniquely stylish.

Choose a one, two or three seater corbusier sofa and entertain your guests in extreme comfort. The elegant chrome frame and oversized cushions make these sofas the ideal choice.

Fine Dining Hire London | Fine Dining Hire Manchester

If you are looking to rent fine dining furniture in London or Manchester, then we can offer same day delivery! We stock a large number of products in our London and Manchester depots - so for all your events give our sales team a call on 0844 567 5744!