Perfect School Space

Planning seating and table arrangements within a classroom, lecture hall or conference office is an absolute priority to ensure the teaching and learning experience goes to plan without any hitches. Our black lecture chair hire range with plastic writing tablet will do just that.

Lecture Chair Hire

The Black Lecture Chair with writing tablet is fantastic for any multi-seating environment, such as educational establishments, training, exams and conferences. It has a simple and sophisticated style and is fully upholstered. Its robust chrome coated oval tube frame makes it stable for substantial amount of sitting time. There is deep padding in the base and back of the chair for ultimate comfort and to aid the comfort of the individual it has a slight curvature in the back rest, which offers lumbar and kidney support to relieve back pressure. The most effective attribute of this chair is it is space efficient.

A handy space saver!

There is no need to trouble yourselves with heaving tables and chairs around the lecture halls, as this chair includes its own writing station. This equally means you can fit more people into one room due to its space efficient design. It can also be stacked up to 5 high for storage and its light frame means it is easily transportable. This chair can also be hired with our linking loops which give the ability to keep the chairs in neat straight lines. This chair will keep your audience captivated and comfortable, and is quick and easy to hire.

Lecture Chair Hire London | Lecture Chair Hire Manchester

If you’re looking for lecture chair hire in London or Manchester then we can offer a same day delivery service! We have a large number of stock of the lecture chair in our London and Manchester depots – so if you need a lecture chair then give our sales team a call on 0344 567 5744.

Delivering a First Class Service

Hosting a lecture or training will give you a prime opportunity to deliver an appropriate service to your students. Therefore it is fundamentally important to engage with you pupils and clients in a professional atmosphere. A stylish atmosphere encourages the ability to learn and makes a healthy working environment, thus it is important for the staff and students to be comfortable and stable within the work space. We have a very impressive range of lecture chair hire options that have can be tailored to you and your needs.