Amsterdam 2013 Day 2

Amsterdam 2013 Day 2

After a quick breakfast, we are on the coach and on route to visit some of Amsterdam’s event hire companies. We arrive at Accuraat Verhuur. All of us are gazing out the window in awe of the yard and location. We are greeted by Harry and his son, who own the business who are extremely welcoming. Over a coffee, we all introduce ourselves and talk about the structure of their business. I was overwhelmed with their passion. They had great pride talking to us, and how their company had grown.

Cutlery, Crockery and Linen

We were allowed to walk around, firstly into their small good’s room which consisted of crockery, cutlery and glassware. Their organisational structure was fantastic, it was obvious every little knife and fork had its place. This room lead onto their cleaning room, filled with high tech machinery.

Harry was totally logistically minded - some of the advanced machinery and structure allowed them to take on large jobs with the confidence they would be able to execute them with the greatest of ease. From here we headed into their linen room, again ultimate organisation and clean linen of all shapes, sizes, textures- all bagged and ready to go.

Furniture Hire Storage

From here, the warehouse opened into the furniture storage. I think it’s safe to say, there were 25 of us, star struck by the racking and structure of the warehouse. The chairs were racked three high, palleted and wrapped in a certain number - all on wheels, allowing extremely quick production.

Their folding samsonite chairs were stacked 60 tall, enabling the team to speedily load them in the quantities needed when an order come through. I left feeling totally enthusiastic. The logistical features of the warehouse were astounding, and also the passion they had for their family run business. Father and son spoke with great passion whilst walking around their warehouse and it was truly heart warming to see such passion within their business, as we do ours.

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