Our Education Hire Furniture Already Proving Popular

Our Education Hire Furniture Already Proving Popular

It was only a short while ago that students across the UK were sitting their end-of-year GCSEs, A Levels and university exams, yet many of our education furniture clients are already beginning to get organised for the next round of assessments.

Exam Time is a Busy Time

Just a few months ago at the end of the academic year, lots of pupils and undergraduates across the country nervously entered assessment rooms, sat on our hire chairs and opened papers placed on our exam tables. Exam time is always a busy period for us as we deliver education furniture to schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK. We’ve also noticed that lots of our clients that work in the education sector are already getting well-prepared for assessments that are taking place as far ahead as next year.

Forward Thinking with FurnitureHireUK.com

Due to the forward thinking of our clients, we’ve already taken and processed several invoices for the 2013-2014 academic year, including one online furniture hire order for 150 exam desks for assessments taking place in January. At FurnitureHireUK.com we know the importance of preparation, especially when our customers need to arrange large events that can have such an impact on the lives of young people.

Thousands of Items Available

To assist our clients as much as possible during exam time, we have well-stocked warehouses filled with very popular furniture hire items perfect for assessments in schools, colleges, universities,  and academies, as well as those tests scheduled in workplaces. Our blue and black polyprop chairs consistently prove to be a very popular product for exams, especially when our customers need to order hire chairs in large batches. This is mostly down to the affordability of these chairs, and the fact that they can be stacked ten high - great for storage and ease of installation.

Exam Desk Hire to the Rescue

Our exam desks are another very popular hire - and their secret is in their name! They are foldable, light and incredibly easy to set up and store. Although we can help our customers get organised with the best hire furniture in advance of their events, we also assist them when they require exam chairs and tables in a hurry. We offer a next day delivery service across the UK so when education furniture is needed as soon as possible we can get you the items you need wherever you’re located.

Whether you’re ordering your exam furniture in advance or need hire chairs and tables tomorrow, our sales team are available to process your order and set up nationwide delivery. You can give us a call or place an instant order via our furniture hire website.

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