Are E-Commerce Leaders Are E-Commerce Leaders

We know that e-commerce is no secret and we’re excited to highlight how ordering products online is becoming increasingly popular, with at the forefront of this revolution.

In a recent report by Retail Week, the expert magazine revealed how bricks and mortar businesses are beginning to become more e-commerce savvy. It seems that using the internet to select items, and hire furniture, is here to stay, which is encouraging companies to use more technology to give customers another way to browse, select and pay for items.

Market leaders in furniture hire e-commerce

Figures from the publication show that up to a quarter of all sales in firms with traditional outlets - rather than those that are fully e-commerce - are generated by web-based orders. As this way of shopping and hiring goods continues to be adopted by firms, we can’t help but feel that we’re assisting in leading the way, especially as we were the first fully e-commerce website in the furniture hire industry! There are lots of reasons why online furniture hire and web based buying is getting more popular, such as convenience and easy price comparisons.

We think the upward trend in e-commerce and growth in business can be explained in many different ways. We’ve made sure that we offer total clarity to our customers regarding our prices and deals, which means you don’t have to go to lots of different high street premises to compare deals. As well as being the first fully e-commerce website in our industry we were also the first to reveal prices for all our products, as we thought it was so important to provide exact prices.

Logistics is all-important

Retail Week also highlights aspects of e-commerce that could have a large impact on the companies concerned. The magazine mentions how logistics is incredibly important and how delivery of items could become a source of competition between organisations as it’s so crucial. This is another aspect of our e-commerce service where we strive for total excellence.

We have a team of experienced drivers and logistics experts that make sure you get your furniture hire deliveries on time - and there is even a next day delivery option for when you want your items quickly. This service extends across the UK so you can order your items today and receive them by tomorrow. We’ve recently completed very large orders of up to 4,300 hire chairs, which we delivered without any issues at all to the West Country.

Top customer service experience

As well as offering nationwide delivery, a clear website and pricing structures we also concentrate on giving our furniture hire clients a great customer service, and publish our ratings on our homepage. We’re looking forward to seeing how e-commerce develops in the future and attracting new customers who want to hire furniture conveniently, affordably and benefit from our nationwide next day deliveries.

To check out our great rates simply have a look at our website, where you can select, pay for and arrange next day delivery of your hire furniture.