Our Transport Team Goes Fully Digital

Our Transport Team Goes Fully Digital

Being as innovative as possible is always our aim at FurnitureHireUK.com and we’ve taken another step towards this goal by giving our drivers their own dedicated iPads. These great devices will make sure that they get the latest travel updates and are also being used to collect customer’s signatures when deliveries are made.

Delivery fleet gets digital update

We can thank our in-house team of developers for creating software especially for our own use, and after a few weeks of transition we’re proud to declare our new digital system is running very well indeed.

Paperwork has slowly been eased out of offices around the world as companies turn to digital ways of sending messages and reaching out to their customers via websites, with green policies also seeing trends move towards sending online documents instead of printing paper files and folders. Now our drivers can take full advantage of this switchover and present customers with iPads when they require signatures for deliveries.

Live travel data for our drivers

As well as providing a very modern way of recording furniture hire deliveries, our iPads also link up to live travel data. When each drop off for the day has taken place, our software works out accurate estimates of travel times to the next destination based on road conditions at that very moment.

Because our iPads plan the quickest routes, provide information on all the deliveries scheduled for the day ahead and act as a delivery note, the devices can make our drivers days go very smoothly and ensure all your hire furniture gets to you exactly on time. Nationwide next day delivery is a very important feature of our service and now that we have the latest technology we have even more ways to maintain a very high level of customer satisfaction.

We embrace digital revolution

Logistics isn’t the only area of our business where we’re successfully pushing boundaries and being as innovative as we possibly can. Our digital transport software joins our fully e-commerce website to give our customers a 21st Century furniture hire experience! In fact, we were the first company in our industry to offer a 100 per cent e-commerce service.

Our online system has been created so you can order all the hire furniture require from the comfort of your office or home. We know that customers like to see what they’re getting, so to give you as much information as we can, we offer detailed product descriptions, which even give the exact dimensions of our items.

This is really important when you need to consider the size of your office when you’re ordering straight desks for example, or you’re planning a chic formal dining event and need to know what banqueting table will fit your function better. In addition to this, our website also display videos of our products that were filmed in-house and feature the very products you’d like to hire.

Ease of e-commerce - check out our website

If you require hire furniture, why not try our fully e-commerce service today. It’s as simple as visiting our site, selecting your products, authorising payment and setting up your next day delivery!

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