Charity Grotto Gets VIP Furniture Donation

Charity Grotto Gets VIP Furniture Donation

Christmas really makes an impression on all our senses, from flashing festive lights, to the aromas of seasonal food and the roar of shopping crowds, and for some this might be overwhelming. We’re really happy to announce that our furniture hire donation to a charity working with autistic children will go someway to make sure young visitors to a santa’s grotto will all enjoy the experience as much as possible.

Giving autistic children a boost

This year the Children on the Autistic Spectrum Parents Association (CASPA) is organising a Santa’s grotto that is specially designed to take into account the needs of those who lie on the spectrum. The group works hard to provide comprehensive support to autistic children and their carers. Based in Bromley, London, the organisation aims to develop skills that assist youngsters in fully integrating in society. By arranging lots of different kinds of events, from sports, drama, music cooking and artistic activities, children are able to boost their communication skills and their confidence.


From navigating ziplines high above the trees, to camping, preparing meals and producing their very own works of art, CASPA ensure that kids also have lots of fun and get the opportunity to make lifelong friends. It’s only fitting that with Christmas just days away, that the group is setting up a grotto where youngsters on the spectrum get to meet Santa in a location designed for their needs.

Autism can have an impact on how people experience the world via their senses, which might lead to distress if lights and noise are too loud or troublesome in some way to individuals. To ensure that youngsters get to enjoy their festive experience CASPA has organised a very special grotto and we were delighted to assist them in their hire furniture needs.

Santa isn’t the only VIP!

We’re donating 15 freestanding screens for the occasion, which can help to cut down excessive noise and lighting. In addition to these products, we’re also transporting some of our event furniture that is often ordered to add a real VIP feel to functions, including our red carpet and ropes & poles. We’re hoping that as the children arrive at the grotto they’ll really enjoy feeling like a celebrity on the day - while also getting to meet the VIP of the moment - Santa! Merry Christmas to all at CASPA and all the youngsters eagerly awaiting their grotto experience.

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