Is a Lamborghini on your Wishlist?

Is a Lamborghini on your Wishlist?

Premium products require exceptionally stylish showrooms and we’re only to happy to supply all the furniture hire products our customers need for these events - and we often do exactly this! There’s something about top of the range vehicles that make them one of the most wished for purchases, and models such as the Bugatti Veyron appear on millions of wishlists - all you’d need would be around £1 million to buy some models!

Round trip to Mars?

Nearly every time a new model of car hits the market it creates a stir because each new addition tends to offer highly technological advances. It used to only be in the realms of science fiction that cars could drive themselves, take a trip around mars or travel over two hundred miles an hour - but these are all realities in the 21st Century.

Flying… or driving

Teams of experts around the world are constantly creating really innovative motors resulting in products that wouldn’t look out of place flying through the sky, never mind doing the daily commute to work, or the school run. When you’re really in a rush, and also have that all-important £1 million budget, you could snap up a Bugatti Veyron. This vehicle has all the sleek curves and smooth lines you’d expect from a modern car, but it also travels at 253 mph, making it one of the fastest road vehicles around.


Speed is one element that expert manufacturers are also out to improve, but eco-cars are also becoming very popular and may also provide commercial benefits if demand starts to take off. The Honda FCX Clarity runs off hydrogen, with Top Gear naming it has one of the most important cars for 100 years when it was released. Other advances not only protect the environment but also enhance the driving experience as a whole - by taking need to actual drive vehicles out of your hands.

Driverless commuting

It’ll be a while until we can sink into a fully driverless car, sit back, listen to music, or browse the net, but many companies are working on this kind of technology. In fact, this year Paris-based company Induct Technology unveiled their Navia driverless motor. Built to resemble a shuttle, The vehicle uses light detection sensors to navigate and as travellers board they tap their destination on to a screen - they can also call the motor to their location using a smartphone. This vehicle has yet to adopt the curved futuristic look of driverless cars from science fiction and only travels up to 12.5mph.

Off the planet

For a car with real 21st Century appeal and more, you only have to look to the Curiosity. As this name suggests, this is a vehicle built for exploring, but rather than sweeping around lanes in picturesque villages or climbing steep hills in the world mountainous regions, this car navigates on Mars! Complete with an on-board robot scientist, high tech off-road facilities and nuclear powered, this is possibly the most advanced vehicle invented so far, which is reflected in the price at £1.5 billion!

Showrooms with style

Obviously, not all of us has the budget for these kinds of motors, but anyone has the finances to prepare rooms that showcase even the most premium of products. Our furniture is regularly used in showrooms and we have a wide range of items perfect for exhibiting products, from our modular tables, and ropes and poles, which provide a very stylish and sophisticated way to cordon off those precious exhibits.

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