Going Viral - Tips On Getting The Web Video Bug

Going Viral - Tips On Getting The Web Video Bug

The internet goes by many names, the web, net, t’internet and information the highway, although this last nickname doesn’t fully hint at all the possibilities cyberspace offers! We only need to look at the popularity of sharing websites, viral videos and clips, to see that the web is much more than a tool to gather information and learn about many different, topics, countries and much more.

Furniture hire film shoot

We saw this first hand recently when we delivered some of our premium office furniture for a web advertising film shoot. Figures show that around 1.23 billion people around the world log on to Facebook every single month, with other social networking sites also attracting lots of clicks on a daily basis.

Uploading photos, watching videos and networking online is increasingly popular, but there’s another very important aspect of the internet, and that’s advertising! We recently supplied office furniture hire products to a customer who was using the power of the internet to attract customers.

Boost your sales

There can’t be many people who have never heard of Google, the company is a global success with offices located throughout the world. In May of last year Forbes estimated that the search engine has a market value of $268.4 billion.

For internet start-ups and those companies that rely on attracting web visitors for services, Google is exceptionally important and being placed higher in search results can lead to larger numbers of potential clients visiting your site and possibly boosting sales. Carefully designing internet marketing campaigns takes hard work and there are lots of different ways websites can get noticed online.

Going viral

When web users like what they see, whether this is a funny photo, entertaining film clip, or music video they’re more likely to share it with their friends - and acclaim begins to grow. Many of us have seen viral videos, but creating one is harder than it looks. Some people starring in them have become unintentionally famous - such as the One Pound Fish man, who was filmed singing while selling fish at his local market. The short film became an internet sensation and he even released the catchy tune he sang in the original video.

Making movies

Although we don’t tend to think of adverts as ‘movies’ they meet most of the criteria, usually there’s a kind of plot and characters too. A recent advertising ‘movie’ that became very well known, was a Christmas campaign featuring an animated bear and a rabbit.

Publication Campaign Live revealing that the ad was shared 658,098 times in one week in the lead up to the festive period. This shows how important clips and films can be and we were delighted to deliver some of our office furniture to a film shoot last week for the purposes of an advertising web campaign.


Furniture hire items included our executive bowed fronted workstations, folding leg straight desks, 4 drawer filing cabinet and a black operators chair. As well as making very practical office furniture, the appearance of these items work together to create professional looking rooms, whether they are offices or a film set!

Film sets to be proud of...

Our executive bow fronted workstation is very classy looking, while our straight desks have a contemporary light oak finish. These items are complemented by our grey metal filing cabinets and the black operators chair is both smart and chic.

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