Lorry Ready For Fifth Charity Pilgrimage! Lorry Ready For Fifth Charity Pilgrimage!

We will soon be supporting a London homeless charity in their bid to raise over £40,000. Next week, sees the return of The Connection at St Martin-in-the-fields annual four-day pilgrimage to Canterbury.

Walk this way!

This is the fifth year we’ve reserved one of our furniture hire lorries and experienced driver Colin for the event, which raised nearly £40,000 in sponsorship last year! Our assistance means that walkers simply enjoy the walk free from bags, luggage and other belongings, as we store all of them in our truck, dropping off items at specific rest stops.

Good deeds

All those taking part need do is maintain their stamina over the 74 miles and breathe in all that lovely fresh air as they stroll along the stunning route, which takes them through beautiful countryside over the four day period, until they arrive in Canterbury. The pilgrimage comes to an end at the grave of Reverend Dick Sheppard, who first arrived at St Martin-in-the-Fields 100 years ago and began helping the homeless. Walkers honour all his good work by laying flowers, before being transported back to their starting point in London.

Well-trodden route

To build on the great difference the reverend made, the Connection started up the annual pilgrimage 24 years ago, and asks those who take part to raise funds. Donations go towards helping the homeless via the organisation’s outreach and education programmes, in addition to all the advice it offers on rebuilding lives and becoming independent. Each year, new people join experienced walkers who have trodden the route many times before. As each day draws to a close, those involved can sleep in pre-arranged locations - like churches and village halls - after enjoying some tasty food and sparkling company.

Wishing all walkers well

Closer to London, the charity helps around 200 homeless people every day via it’s central London location, which looks on to Trafalgar Square. A truly memorable occasion for all those involved, we’re delighted to offer the loan of our lorry and driver for the length of the event and wish everyone making the pilgrimage a delightful journey!