We Get Your Vote Of Confidence During Recent Elections

We Get Your Vote Of Confidence During Recent Elections

As people across the country voted in the recent European elections, we are very happy to announce that our furniture hire service got your vote of confidence as providers of seating and tables in election halls across the country!

Election furniture hire guide

It’s hard to miss the press focus on the outcome of the European elections and other elements about the voting process can fade into the background. We’d like to bring some very important aspects of voting into the limelight, by revealing that for several election halls in the UK our furniture hire range was used in very large quantities. So, why is furniture hire so important to the voting process, and if you’re holding elections what might be some of the best products to order?

Here is a guide to some important points to consider when you’re looking for election furniture hire products, including some of our most popular items chosen for halls during the recent elections.

1. Choose convenience

By their very nature, election venues are like pop-up shops - here one day then gone the next. Favourite locations for election halls tend to be large, spacious and often very affordable or free to hire, as it’s important to keep to budgets, just like with any other event. In addition, some locations may expect thousands of visitors, meaning you need large quantities of those all important products. Popular items for the recent elections included our modular tables, folding fan back chairs, as well as our stacking chairs.

These are very practical when you need high quantities of furniture that is quick to set up and easy to transport. Both our fan back chairs and modular tables fold, while our stacking chairs… stack!

2. Remember privacy

As well as getting the right kind of furniture, it’s crucial to put it in the right location so people can vote in privacy. Our freestanding screens come in black and blue, and are the perfect product for these and other types of occasions where confidentiality is key. They can be moved within venues and set up to create cubicles or divide rooms in polling stations. Likewise our tables and folding chairs are easily loaded on to pallets and moved throughout venues for rapid installations, while our chair trolley is the perfect vehicle to transport our stacking chairs in larger batches to exact locations.

3. Making it count

Voting is just one aspect of elections, and many of us never get to see the hard work that goes on behind the scenes - such as counting each and every vote. Again, this is likely to take place in a temporary location so our folding tables and practical seating is just as important at this stage. It can take hours for those counting votes to get through them all, meaning comfy seating and stable surfaces to do this on are imperative.

Our stacking chairs are a great comfort option because we’ve chosen high grade upholstery that provides a fantastic level of support for many hours indeed. Our modular tables have a high grade 25mm melamine finish that is stain resistant, in addition to stabilising feet, so they’re extra steady and sturdy!

4. Cutting costs

All events have budgets, and we’ve designed our furniture hire service to get you the best deal, whether you’re arranging elections, parties, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, or any other type of occasion. We offer a like-for-like price match service, allowing you to get the best deal around, in addition to our permanently low rates.