Pigs Might Fly? Not Where Furniture Hire’s Concerned!

Pigs Might Fly? Not Where Furniture Hire’s Concerned!

Joining hundreds and thousands of visitors, a huge number of animals, in addition to multi-national and local companies to a show in Scotland, are several of our furniture hire lorries loaded with furniture ordered just yesterday.

Next day delivery to Scotland? No Problem!

Offering a nationwide furniture rental service is one of the unique benefits to using our service, and as these recent orders show - we also take last minute orders from across the mainland UK. Each year since 1822 individuals and companies from the agriculture sector have taken part in the Royal Highland Festival. In 1960s the event became based in one location - Ingliston near Edinburgh - rather than moving venue each year.

Ordered yesterday - arrives today...

This is exactly where our delivery team are headed today in order to deliver a furniture hire order placed yesterday. The scale of this occasion is very large indeed, attracting around 185,000 visitors who come to check out the market stalls, local and international companies, machinery and of course the livestock.

Moo-ve over for furniture hire!

Some 1,000 exhibitors are expected to bring around 4,500 animals, ranging from sheep, pigs, cattle, donkeys and many more! As well as giving farmers a chance to show off their animals for prizes - such as the prestigious Queen’s Cup - there are other exciting events scheduled to entertain the crowd, such as falconry, dog obedience and even a bit of traditional sheep shearing where farmers can show us how it’s done! Winning can attract large prizes with the overall figure for being crowned winners put at £1 million.

Want better exhibition stands?

The occasion really promotes and highlights all that Scotland offers to agriculture, and even large companies not directly linked to farming and food production get involved to show their dedication to the sector. With all the visitors, exhibitors and companies attending the event, it’s easy to see there’s a clear need for furniture hire - and we’re so pleased we were able to offer several different organisations all the products they needed at short notice.

One customer required a large variety of our furniture that is perfect for exhibition spaces. These included our black leather high back stools and walnut poseur tables, as well as our high gloss black coffee tables, corbusier sofas, not forgetting our bistro chairs and tables too.

Comfy, classy seating

The classy finish of the poseur tables, in addition to the sleek, contemporary design of our bistro and corbusier range create an overall stylish and modern vibe - great for adding comfort and sophistication to any stand. Another order simply featured some of our ultra-elegant banquet chairs with white covers. A very fitting choice for formal meals, decadent dining occasions or similar functions, our banquet seating has a sophisticated appeal and the white covers bring a fresh, opulent look to venues.

Need furniture rental now?

So, if you’d like to order any of our furniture hire products across the UK at short notice just get in touch with our sales team and we’ll see what we can do!

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