How We Got Moose From Marketing Week

How We Got Moose From Marketing Week

A man dancing in a figure-hugging flourescent all-in-one-suit, visitors doing fun team building exercises while enjoying complementary refreshments, and an area to sit down that harks back to the viking era thanks to the nearby animal-covered stools and horned helmets… We didn’t just visit a theme pub or a kid’s party but Marketing Week Live 2014!

Marketing Week Live - fun and informative

Events that stretch over two days often have a programme brimming with talks, conferences and expert speakers, in addition to hundreds of exhibition stands featuring small and larger companies who can help you grow your brand. There is much to see and do, and introducing fun activities can really keep everyone’s energy going - and we can report that Marketing Week Live, was not only very informative for our marketing team, but entertaining and fun too.

What’s green and dances all over?

As well as attending some fantastic seminars, such as those by Kelvin Newman from Rough Agenda and Amy Nicolson from StickyContent, we also got to see all the great marketing ideas out there and enjoy the ingenious ways companies attracted attention to their stands. One of the most noticeable and admirable efforts came via Equinox Design. The business’ stand featured a man dancing for hours and hours in a green suit that covered 100 per cent of his body. In addition to being very eye catching we think this is one of the most memorable displays at the event!

Moose as mascots?

There were many other more subtle techniques used to get attention, our team were entertained by card tricks and amazing tasting sweets treats from Skim Group. We were even given some free stressballs in the shape of moose, which have been adopted as our office mascots. These were just some of the brilliant ways that exhibitors got their message out there and raised brand awareness.

There were also some of the tried and tested traditional ways of making contact with potential clients too, including branded bags, pens, notepads - and even experiences, such as team bonding sessions with complementary refreshments and a viking area too!

Best exhibition stand goes too...

Our marketing team came back from the event not only with new ideas how to grow even more, but refreshed from all the creative ways businesses engaged with us, and admiration that anyone could dance in a skintight fullbody leotard for so long!