Dartford Festival - Ropes & Poles For Party In The Park

Dartford Festival - Ropes & Poles For Party In The Park

As the sun beat down on Central Park last weekend, hundreds of Kent residents enjoyed some top-notch entertainment thanks to Dartford Borough Council. Billed as one of the biggest and best free events of its kind in the area, we were so happy that we could contribute to the smooth running of the Dartford Festival 2014 by hiring out our VIP ropes and posts.

Celebrity turnout

Visitors from the county flocked to the green parkland to enjoy the festival atmosphere over July 19th and 20th, as well as some top performers appearing on-stage, in addition to talented local musicians appearing before big crowds for the first time. Well known bands including Scouting For Girls and the Beat, with appearances from Michelle Heaton, Skatonics and the BritPop Collective, adding to the celebrity credentials of the event.

Buzzing atmosphere

With something for everyone, the Dartford Festival also had a packed programme of other events too. The exhibition marquee was a fantastic spot to check out all the different activities and hobby groups in the region, including Dartford Beekeepers and Dartford Floral Club. Entertaining arts productions were also scheduled and visitors could sing-a-long with extracts from Grease via In The Wings Productions, enjoy energetic performances from Linda Fryday Academy of Irish Dance, with even a Baby Ballet event for youngsters arranged.

Meet the Mayor...

The Mayor Of Dartford, Avtar Sandhu MBE, also called in to meet residents and highlight his commitment to encouraging businesses to give greater donations to charities. Thanks to all the food and refreshment stalls, there were tasty snacks to fill hunger gaps and drinks available to cool down in the hot sun. A large range of other stores were set up from sponsors and other companies, so visitors could check out all the local businesses and learn how to access their services.

Classy crowd management

A free event of this size, and one scheduled with so much free entertainment, including international acts is bound to attract large numbers of guests, and when you do expect bigger groups of people turning up it’s a good idea to make sure crowd management processes are in place. This can be done simply with marshalls, event volunteers - and out ropes and poles!

Party ropes and poles

On this occasion our client ordered 22 posts and 20 red ropes for the event. These can be easily set up to show people where to enter and exit sites, so there’s no long winding queues, but ordered lines. Another top reason why our clients opt for our ropes and poles is to create VIP areas and to cordon off precious exhibits. This is because they have a stylish and premium look to them, thanks to the chrome post and thick braided rope.

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