Is Your Furniture Drunk Or Is It You!?

Is Your Furniture Drunk Or Is It You!?

You’ll be looking differently at your event furniture after a recent Metro story - you may even concoct some hangover remedies for it!

How to tell your sofa’s over-indulged

This week the Metro has highlighted the blog on Tumblr, which was created by Rhodi Marsden and Sarah Bee. The hilarious site features images of sofas that look a bit worse for wear, as if they’d had a hard night out partying and forgot to come home.

Morning officer...

With added captions, such as “morning officer” and “mate help me up, oh opp” to pics of sofas that look like they’ve resorted to getting a bus home at 6am or taken a tumble, we think you might start looking at your office and home furnishings a little bit differently. So, playing along with the ‘furniture on a night out’ theme, we got to thinking in the office what kind of party-goer some of our chairs, stools and soft seating might be… let us know what you think!

1. Posh it up

Got a posh night coming up, then our ropes and poles and red carpet will bring loads of extra glamour to your event! They’re extra classy, and unlike the sofas in the Tumblr blog, you won’t find them lying beside a bus stop in the morning after doing the walk of shame. Add to the sophistication of your night out even more by partying with our fine dining chairs.

2. Start posing

When you’ve got all dressed up and are heading out on the town to see and be seen, then step away from the sofas that only make it as far as the pavement, as the Tumblr blog shows! What you need are our chic range of poseur tables - and we have lots of types for all sorts of occasions and venues. Want tables for an outdoor party? Then our chrome poseur tables will remain upright and sober all night thanks to their weather resistant finish. We also have square and round poseur tables in black/white too.

3. Lounge about

Our soft seating is always under strict orders to behave itself at all events! Unlike those in they won’t run off to the coast for some alone time, or become the drunk one everyone has to guide across the road. Ours will support you all night, so you can rest during all the dancing and sit down and enjoy a drink on our corbusier sofas, tub chairs and cube seating - just don’t indulge too much, you don’t want to end up like a drunk sofa.

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