Why We’re Swapping Beds For Bags

Why We’re Swapping Beds For Bags

November is a popular month for charity events, some grow very interesting moustaches at this time - we choose to sleep outside for a night!

Remember, remember the 6th of November!

This November 6th we will once again join thousands of people exchanging their beds for sleeping bags for Centrepoint’s annual youth homelessness fundraiser. In fact, this is the fifth consecutive year that our team have layered up and taken part in this very important occasion.

Figures from the organisation, put the number of young people becoming homeless every year at a staggering 80,000. But finding these youngsters safe and secure housing is just one way the charity helps people get back on their feet and living independently. Centrepoint takes a very holistic approach to rebuilding the lives of young people affected by homelessness, providing advice and guidance where training, health and finances are concerned.

Biggest target yet

Further statistics from the organisation reveal that it’s supported over 75,000 youngsters since it was first launched in 1969, with 60% of those helped by the charity in 2012 in some form of training, employment or education. All of this hard work depends on donations, and last year’s Sleep Out resulted in a fantastic £440,000 being raised for homeless young people, with Centrepoint’s 2014 target set at £500,000.

Help Furniture Hire UK fundraise

We’re really glad to be helping out again and have set ourselves a target of raising £3000 for our team’s effort at this year’s event. Although previous Sleep Outs have taught us to wrap up warm and bring cosy sleeping bags, it’s always a shock to the system, and does give us an impression of the stark, cold, reality homeless people face on a daily and nightly basis. As part of the fundraiser, we all head to work on Friday morning to get an even greater insight to life on the streets and how hard it can be to function well without a bed to sleep in.

No donation too big, or small!

Each year a collection of well known faces join in with the occasion to give extra exposure to the event. Entertainment and food is also laid on, before we all turn in and try to get cosy for the long night ahead. If you’d like to give our donations a boost - big or small - then click here for a link to our fundraising page.