How To Predict The Next Prime Minister?

How To Predict The Next Prime Minister?

Apparently there’s a bizarre US system that indicates who the next President will be - could we use similar tips to predict our next PM?

Crazy countdown

Less than 100 days remain until the nation turns out to choose the political party they’d like to see ruling the country. There are many predictable things about elections, such as the gearing up of political campaigns, debates and many news stories about what each party can and can’t offer.

You Heard It Here First!

We’ve got involved as well in our own way, delivering chairs and tables to election halls and can see the effort these nationwide events take. But no one can really tell who will win… or can they! Weird statistics applied to US presidential campaigns appear to predict who will - and we were wondering if the methods used could work here in the UK…

1. Football or Fool’s Ball!?

Football is definitely a sport that the UK loves, and it’s the same where the US and American Football is concerned. There might be just one team that is watched a little more closely across the pond - especially around election time!

A correlation has been reported that shows a link between the Washington Redskins scores and who wins the presidential election. Basically if they win the last game before the election whoever is in power stays there, but if they lose the opposition gets in. At a stretch (stay with us) if we wanted to apply this to the UK, we’d probably have to look at Chelsea Football Club’s scores as they’re nearest to Westminster - we’ll report back with the results!

2. Behind the Mask

Another strange statistics about the presidential campaign relates to Halloween masks of political figures… Whichever one is most popular indicates the winning candidate. Unfortunately we can’t gather those figures for the UK, but just looking around at your average dressing up party might show you what more people are going for. There’s a wide choice available going by this report in the Huffington Post, which highlights masks of Nigel Farage, and an Ed Miliband bacon butty bodysuit.

3. Olympic Effort…

This one gets a bit complicated… but you might hear the winner of our next General Election here first!

This statistic says that when a country who has previously won an Olympic bid hosts the games a second time, the party that’s in power is voted in again at the next general election. So, seeing as the UK has successfully bid for the Summer Olympics in the past, and hosted in 2012, both the Conservative and Liberal Democrats will win the election this year - so that’s sorted then!

Please note - we do not express our own political views here. That just gets complicated.

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