Is That An Animal In Your Furniture?

Is That An Animal In Your Furniture?

You’d think animals would love furniture as much as we do, but some might need some tips on how best to use it…

Seal of approval

News recently broke that a young seal was rescued by the RNLI after it sought safety under seating near a promenade. The charity were carrying out some training in Redcar, near Middlesborough, when they came across the stranded animal who was sheltering under a bench.

Lost at seal

It’s believed the seal was trying to escape choppy sea conditions so came on to dry land, but then was unable to get back. The lifeboat crew wrapped up it up in a blanket to try and prevent it getting stressed by onlookers then returned the animal safely to the sea. Seals aren’t the only unusual find when it comes to seating, here are a few other unlikely things found in or around sofas that might get you checking your’s before you take a seat!

1. Squirmy Sofa

We pride ourselves on offering soft seating - like our corbusier sofa hire range - that’s not only fantastic to sit on and smart - but it also comes free from any reptiles! A homeowner from the US thought she’d got a great bargain when she found a sofa in perfect condition left out on the street by neighbours. It wasn’t until a few months later that a huge python emerged from the furniture giving her a shock! She got rid of the sofa quickly, putting it back on the street with a note ‘Do Not Pick Up’ attached and her home is currently python free.

2. Cat’s out of the…

It’s not only snakes that like the dark, quiet interiors of soft seating - felines are also a bit partial to this too! Also in the US, a couple picked up a sofa from a charity shop, but soon after it’d been delivered they could hear a strange noise coming from inside it. Investigating, they found a cat in the sofa who had belonged to the furniture’s previous owner. Luckily, after the story hit the news, the original pet owner came forward and was reunited with the mischievous moggie.

3. Better than a bank?

It’s always nice to find some cash down the side of the sofa - even better if it’s in note form. A dental surgery manager in Texas was delighted to find money under her work sofa. Although it wasn't her’s to spend, it cleared up the mystery of missing cash that amounted to $2,500, which is around £1,640. The money was previously thought stolen but staff realised it had been misplaced - time to check your furniture for any lost pennies or pounds.

4. Sweet like chocolate

Not strictly money… but a chocolate bar found in a sofa managed to raise £200 for its owner when it was sold on eBay. This is because the chocolate was a fully-wrapped, out-of-production wispa bar that attracted the eye of a collector. As it was at least five years old, it was probably best that it was sold rather than eaten!

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