Today’s The Day...

Today’s The Day...

We always like to get a glimpse of our furniture on TV, especially when events are connected to such large occasions as General Elections!

Turning out

Today, millions of people are calling into their polling station to vote, and we’re excited to be providing furniture hire products across the country for this major occasion. There has been much speculation from the press on which party will win the most votes, and whether there will be a hung parliament that could result in several parties leading the country.

Much effort goes into elections and the campaigns surrounding them, for example, we only have to see the rigorous schedules of the party leaders in the last few days as they travelled across the UK meeting voters and highlighting their manifestos and policies. As well as these high profile moments, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of a national event like this, and we’re proud to be helping out with all sorts of election activities.

Folding chair fan!

There are many people that support political campaigns, some are volunteers and help out by leafleting, while others work as vote counters or perhaps with catering and providing refreshments long into the night. Many of these occasions require furniture of some kind, and we’ve been busy supplying a range of products in the run up to today’s election.

One of the most recent orders saw us delivering 150 white folding fan back chairs to a Birmingham factory, which hosted a talk by David Cameron. Seating for constituents is one way our rental range has been used. Some of our most popular items include our white folding chairs, as well as our black stacking chairs, with very large orders being placed. Both have the convenience that they can be easily stacked, making them quick and simple to install. Our stacking chairs also feature padding, adding a great level of comfort thanks to the premium upholstery.

Counters for counters...

These seats are also top choices for chairs for vote counters, who have a very important and time consuming task - making it essential they are comfortable and can concentrate properly. Another top item, is our modular rectangular tables, which have also been ordered in large numbers for this part of the elections. The fact they fold and are very sturdy means they’re also straightforward to set up, arrange and provide a reliable surface for this necessary activity.

We also have a range of other items that are commonly hired for voting occasions, such as stretch barriers for crowd management, and freestanding screens for privacy at polling booths. Like everyone else, our team will be voting today, if we haven’t already, and we’ll be keeping a little lookout for all those working hard behind the scenes and for our own furniture too!

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