Food Serving Furniture… Really!?

Food Serving Furniture… Really!?

Every week there are technical breakthroughs in our industry and we think furniture that grows food is one of the weirdest yet!

It’s All A Matter Of Taste

We always like to share new developments in our sector. Furniture has always been developing and evolving from when it was first used thousands of years ago. Keeping ourselves up-to-date with trends makes sure we can offer you top quality and contemporary items, such as our brand new ghost bubble chairs!

It’s only natural that science combines with design, and this week we’ve come across some products that might one day change how we view our furnishings. Here’s our round-up of new developments that have recently hit the news, one might even provide you with some lunch!

     1. Food and furniture

Quite often furniture is used for some kind of dining event - this could be a sit down meal featuring limewash Chiavari chairs, linen covered banquet tables and some delicious food. You could one day get a meal of a different type if your workspace is home to photosynthetic furniture.

These products are so new and vary from what we traditionally see as furnishings that they’re a bit difficult to describe. Prototypes most closely resemble glass lamps, but what else makes them so unique? Well they use carbon dioxide and other elements in the home - such as light and heat - to make an edible substance called spirulina. This is a kind of algae that sells well in specialist shops because of it’s health benefits and who knows what may one day be produced by our very own furnishings… spirulina sandwich anyone?

     2. Stacks, stores… by a string

We know how important it is that furniture can be stored when necessary, which is why we offer a range of folding tables and chairs, it can make our customers lives’ much easier. Robotics graduate Jessica Banks has created a whole range of items that reflect this desire to clear spaces quickly when necessary. Her Ollie chair for example features a string that can be pulled to collapse it down to just one inch thick. We think this is definitely the way forward for furniture as companies look to maximise the room available.

     3. Hot desking? Don’t forget your hat!

Busy offices that have large numbers of staff coming and going all throughout the day, and sometimes the night, like to set up a hot desking system, where colleagues simply sit at free desks, rather than being allocated one spot. Design consultancy PearsonLloyd have recently released photos of new products that take into account the fact workers may not sit at the same desk each day. One item integrates a ‘love’ seat, high table and coat rack, so colleagues have somewhere for their belongings when they’re hot desking. We find that these are all essential items, and our own coat stands, desk and storage solutions are one of the most popular orders for office furniture and will likely continue to be.

     4. Leather look?

Increasingly companies are looking to become more green. Doing so can preserve resources and cut costs, as well as helping to reduce carbon footprints. We’ve made changes over the years, such as going digital to cut dependency on paper, and many items from our range are manufactured right here in Britain. Designer Jorge Penades is also doing his bit for the environment with his range of items made from recycled leather and bone fragments. Instead of them going to waste, they’re shredded and combined with with harder material to create solid stone-like tables. This is green furniture at its most modern - make no bones about it!