Bring TOWIE To The Party!

Bring TOWIE To The Party!

This Sunday some of our furniture is joining the stars of The Only Way Is Essex during filming, giving us an extra reason to be watching the show.

Decadent drama...

We’d love to know how the drama is going to play out on the programme over the weekend, but like everyone else we’ll just have to wait. This is the 15th series of the award-winning reality show, and it continues to pull in huge numbers of viewers every week. This series we’ve eagerly watched stars becoming parents, getting engaged and living it up in Marb’s.

VIP vibe

This weekend we’re supplying some of our VIP furniture hire products to the show, including our white poseur tables as well as ropes and poles - we think they’ll fit right in with the celebrities. Thanks to the warm weather and the summer holidays approaching for many, this time of year is great for having a party, and if you want to live like a TOWIE star for the night why not have a themed party? Here are our top four tips how you can bring TOWIE to your very own celebration.

1. Get the look

One way of describing the TOWIE look is big! Both the men and women like to make an impact with their looks. So if you’re having a themed event don’t forget the towering heels, figure hugging outfit and hair that says ‘volume’ if you’re a lady, while men can also channel the programme with sharp suits, tailored jackets and some sleek hair, even an alter lateral flash thong if you’re feeling brave - if you don’t know what one of these is… where have you been!?

2. Add the drama

As well as seeing the latest fashion trends, one of the main reasons we all tune into TOWIE is the drama… we just can’t get enough. Most of us want a fuss free event when we’re arranging parties, but if there’s certain characters in your life who tend to bring drama and entertainment of the more ‘fun’ than ‘fuss’ variety then make sure they’re invited, don’t forget to have your mobile charged up in case any antics are worth filming.

3. Learn the lingo

At your TOWIE party you might have to say goodbye to words like jealous, pretty lady and kiss, in favour of jel, weapon and get off with. These are just a few of the regular ‘TOWIEisms’ that are used during the shows, and you may also have to learn completely new phrases, such as ‘give it a lemon’ (being rude and making a situation worse) and ‘getting Gary’ (sticking your nose in where it’s not wanted). If all this sounds like Greek to you, or Essex, then you best get studying.

4. Don’t forget the glamour

When we say glamour, we mean with a capital G! The girls and guys taking part in the show like to live large and live it up too, in some of the most glam ways possible. So if you’re having a party, don’t forget to add some extra special touches to get a TOWIE vibe. You can do this with your room decor and furniture, such as glittery balloons, chair bows and a red carpet, which we can help provide. We hope you have a ‘reem TOWIE theme party if you have one.

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