Second Time For Sunny Street Party

Second Time For Sunny Street Party

For the second year in a row our team called into a charity Summer street party held to raise funds for a much-loved UK hospital.

Smart In The Street…

We were delighted to return to a smart street in central London where an outdoor event was taking place for Great Ormond Street Hospital. This year we assisted by providing the host, legal organisation Old Square Chambers, with a selection of our furniture that’s often used outside, including our white folding fan back chairs, chrome bistro chairs and tables, as well as our chrome poseur tables and stools.

A Sun Shower!

Although all of these products are manufactured to withstand any rain showers, the weather was not an issue anyway, as the sun shone down on the whole event, just what visitors love when they’re enjoying outdoor occasions! With any kind of celebration held outside, it’s always a good idea to prepare for any kind of weather, and we got inspired by Old Square Chambers’ preparation for their event. We’ve put together this short article for those holding parties outdoors…

1. Get The Party Started

Like the previous year, this street party invited a selection or guests from the legal profession to enjoy themselves at the function, and to also help raise donations for Great Ormond Street. Events held in the city are in a fantastic location for nearby workers who are unlikely to face longer journeys to the venue.

Guests can conveniently leave offices and be at the fundraiser in minutes. It’s a good idea to get a smooth transition from work to play by providing fantastic entertainment to greet your visitors. This year, the event featured some great rock classics from band Backtrak, providing an instant party atmosphere.

2. Make incentives enticing

Many charity events rely on raffles to help raise donations. When you’re choosing prizes then it’s useful to bear in mind the guests who are buying them and what they might like to win. For example, sporting events can feature tickets, signed books and kit for example. Our legal client had a range of luxury goods and deluxe offers available for winning in the raffle, perfect for hard-working city professionals. Prizes included a spa experience, an iPad Air and a Fortnum and Mason Hamper, for example,

3. Don’t Worry About The Weather!

Furniture hired for this occasion work just as well in the wet as they do the dry. But guests to outdoor events rarely feel this way about themselves! Setting up venues to deal with all types of weather not only involves making the best furniture decisions, but also providing visitors from an escape from the rain if necessary. Some events give out free ponchos, others supply marquees or tents, and our recent client also had indoor space available so those attending can shelter from showers if necessary.

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