3 Tips For Black Friday 2015

3 Tips For Black Friday 2015

It’s here...

Friday, the 27th November 2015, is set for one of the biggest sales days of the year. It’s where customers looking to sniff out a bargain can get all their Christmas goodies with time to spare before the festive period and where small and big retailers alike drastically cut their prices in a bid to boost their sales.

It got its name as many businesses will write down their profits in black ink and losses in red ink, and in the run-up to Christmas, many businesses see their biggest profits of the entire year come through the door or their website on this single day, therefore creating the name Black Friday.

Here are 3 handy tips to get the biggest discounts this Black Friday:

1. Adopt Your Own Strategy

Finding its roots in the US, this once-a-year shopping treasure trove has found its wings and flown across the pond to give UK shoppers the best in retail discounts. A whopping £810 million is thought to have been spent on British soil in 2014 alone - double the figure taken from 2013 - as images of swarms of shoppers struggling to get that last sought-after gift and crashed websites dominated the news.

Whatever it is you’re after, be sure what you want and how much you’re willing to pay for it. Consider where you can buy that item and its normal retail price. Be clear about what you’re looking for before you click online or enter the store. It’s far too easy to be tempted by discount prices that may cause us to end up in the red.

2. Early Birds

When it comes to Black Friday, the saying the early bird catches the worm has never been apter. Although many retailers are lowering their prices early, the best deals are still expected to be launched on Black Friday itself, the 27th November, so if you can, wait for those purchases until then and you may snap up even greater discounts.

Let’s rewind to last year when images of shoppers donning their gloves and fighting for the last electronic or furniture good was flying off the shelf. As negative press surrounded the health and safety of the day as offline stores became swamped with customers fighting over the latest gift, in a bid to prevent similar news this year, many retailers have already kick-started their Black Friday prices, with Superdrug revealing its big 5 Black Friday deals and John Lewis announcing they hope to excel beyond previous sales figures with record-breaking numbers and be crowned the retail winners this Black Friday.

Amazon, Carphone Warehouse and Argos have all jumped on a similar bandwagon, with deals starting as early as Monday 23rd November.

3. Keep it Online

Where possible, shop online. Keep out of the cold, keep out of the crowds and keep away from the chaos with purchases at the simple click of a button. Many of the big retailers, including Argos and John Lewis, maximise their sales and profits by offering discounts both offline and online so keep a look out for even bigger and better bargains online.

Customers may not appreciate and enjoy the rush that is created from a one-day sale in store and it may simply not be enough time. Adopting this strategic, managed and responsible approach may help to reduce the panic mode atmosphere that was created by last year’s event.

What are you looking to buy?