How To Pull Off The Ultimate Company Picnic

How To Pull Off The Ultimate Company Picnic

If it happens in America, you can bet it will usually wing its way over to UK shores eventually. Baby showers, prom nights and trick or treat - these were once only heard of in movies or from relatives across the pond, but now they are popular events in Great Britain that are slowly forming part of our culture.

The latest offering from the States is the company summer picnic. If you’re looking for a great way to get your staff and their families together, or you want to host an outdoor event for you clients, a corporate picnic is the perfect solution. Not sure where to start? Let our handy guide help you to plan the event of the summer!

1. Name the Date

Unlike many of our US cousins who enjoy great weather all year round, we’re not so lucky here in good old Blighty - but could that be set to change over the next couple of months?? Instead of letting the weather be your guide, think about when most people are likely to be around. Try to avoid the holiday high season by choosing a date in May or June.

2. Plan Your Invites

Who are you going to invite? Will it be an event purely for employees, or will you be inviting spouses and children too? Do you want to arrange a client event to thank your clients for their business and attract new business? Who you invite will largely be determined by the reason for your event and of course your budget. It is worth noting that on average 80-90% of employees usually attend ‘free’ corporate events.

3. Pick A Venue

Choosing the right venue for your picnic is very important, and this will also depend on your budget. Of course, there are plenty of parks in our green and pretty land, but if you are looking for something a little different, how about hiring a country house and its grounds, hiring a large river boat or booking the VIP area at an open air music festival?

4. Plan Some Fun Activities

Carnival games, pony rides, inflatables and live bands. These are just some of the activities you can plan for the day. Choose activities to suit the type and ages of your guests. If you can, provide your guests with an agenda so they know what to expect at what time.

Hire Entertainers To Wow Your Crowd

Stilt walkers, clowns, magicians and dancers are just some of the entertainers you can choose to wow your guests. This is a great way to make your event memorable and to keep children entertained if you are inviting them along.

Choose The Right Furniture

The obligatory picnic rug is fine for picnics with friends and family, but if you really want to pull out all the stops for your guests, why not consider hiring some of our wonderful picnic benches? They are just perfect for offering comfort,  provide a handy area for storing and serving food and drinks, and are great for families with kids, or groups of colleagues or friends.

Create A Theme For Your Event

Want to add a fun twist to your summer picnic? How about choosing a theme? Popular ideas include beach party, summer garden, circus, wild west and wild west. Get everybody to dress up, and deck your picnic area in decorations and accessories to suit your theme.

Choose Good Food

Of course, a picnic wouldn’t be a picnic without food! If you’ve chosen a theme, the food you select should centre around this. Alternatively, you might want to choose traditional picnic foods such as sausage rolls, Scotch eggs, chicken drumsticks and quiches. If you’re planning a BBQ, give people foods they can easily eat without a knife and fork or while mooching around your venue.

A Little Branding Can Go A Long Way

There is a time and a place for aggressive branding, and your picnic probably isn’t one of them, but it doesn’t mean you can’t sneak a little in here and there. If you are sending out formal invites, include your branding on these and you might also want to create a special event website to create excitement leading up to the big day. A company sponsored raffle is also a great way to plug your brand without being too pushy.

For All Your Picnic Furniture Needs

Summer is not long away now hopefully, so it’s a perfect time to start planning those exciting summer events. A corporate picnic is a fantastic way to get your colleagues together, thank clients or celebrate a company anniversary, and a good excuse to enjoy the great outdoors. When it comes to furniture hire and picnic furniture, we have everything you need, so take a look at our range today.

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