5 Ways To Find The Perfect Event Venue

5 Ways To Find The Perfect Event Venue

Even event planners with years of experience can find it a challenge to track down the perfect event venue, especially if the requirement is for something a little quirky and outside-of-the-box. Fortunately, help is at hand, and the FHUK team is here to give you a few tips that will assist you in finding and booking a venue that ticks all the right boxes.

1. Accept You Don’t Know Everything About Venue Hunting

No matter how many years you have been planning events, you sometimes have to accept that you don’t know everything when it comes to finding the right venue. This may be because you don’t know the area well, or you need to learn more about the event being planned, and what specific requirements the venue needs to fulfil. Research is key. This may mean a few hours spent alone with Google and a notebook, calling round your contacts or visiting venues in person to see what they have to offer. Always be humble and open, and ask plenty of questions.

2. Track Cool Events Online

If you plan events on a regular basis, you are no doubt already hooked up to good sources of information regarding the latest events. A great way to find the best venues, and also new venues, is to keep track of all the happening and cool festivals, parties, corporate events and exhibitions happening across the UK, or just your local area. Take a look at the venues they are using, and even better speak to the event organisers to get the lowdown on the building or open space and what it has to offer. In an article we published earlier in the year - we mentioned how social media has a huge impact on events and society so this is a handy tool to use if you're not already.

3. Involve Others In The Process

Whether you are working alone, or working for a large organisation, putting out the feelers for venue information could uncover a real hidden gem. Ask friends, family, contacts and colleagues whether they know of any venues that may be suitable for your event if you’re struggling to find the right place. You never know what you might find out, and you’ll also give people a sense of involvement and belonging by asking for their help.

4. Think Outside The Box

We know, we know - it’s such a cliched phrase, but it really does apply when looking for the right venue. Whether you need to cater for a small group of people, or hundreds or even thousands of guests, thinking of something slightly different could solve your venue-hunting dilemma. For example, an old theatre could make a magical venue for a wedding, or how about hiring a museum out for a Christmas party? The options are endless, and more and more buildings are being let out as party and corporate venues.

5. Don’t Let Lack Of Features Put You Off

While many venues supply furniture and other features, many do not, but you shouldn’t let that minor detail sway you. Here at Furniture Hire UK, we are experts in supplying everything you need to turn a dull and empty space into something truly spectacular. From chairs and tables to mobile bars and sofas, we will deliver everything you need when and where you need it to ensure your event is one to remember for a long time to come.

Take a look at our range of event hire furniture today. Thanks to our extensive experience in working across hundreds of different venues, we may even be able to give you some advice on finding the perfect space.

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