What's Taking The Event Industry By Storm

What's Taking The Event Industry By Storm

We interact with the world on a daily basis through sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. When all of our senses work in harmony together, it lets us experience the world in rich layers, helping us to engage with people, objects and our environment. Wouldn’t it be great if events could be planned in the same way, and that they could harness all of our senses at once? Well, this is something that many event planners are starting to do, and it all adds up to one amazing experience.

Multisensory Events

Most events engage at least two of our senses at any one time. A music event will engage our eyes and ears, a food show will engage sight, taste and smell, and a business conference will engage our hearing the most. A multisensory event is designed to engage all of our senses in one event, and it is actually easier to plan then you might think.

Please Touch The Merchandise

Recent studies have shown that more and more retailers are starting to latch onto the idea of multisensory experiences. For example, music is played in many clothing stores, and clothing is positioned in such a way that we are encouraged to touch it and feel the quality. Mood lighting is another way for our senses to be engaged. These techniques can result in a real boost for sales and exposure, and can also trigger nostalgia and curiosity.

Smart Event Planners Are Taking Notice

Smart event planners are starting to recognise the importance of senses, feelings and memories. By engaging with the senses you can get deep into the grey matter, and really stimulate emotions and keep participants engaged.

There are many ways to introduce multisensory experiences into an event, and even the most corporate or “stuffy” events can be invigorated with something a little different. Why not consider the following:

  • Gourmet food and wine tasting instead of the usual cold buffet lunch
  • A drumming workshop to break up a corporate event
  • Trendy touchscreens and interactive games and video to bring crowds to your exhibition stand
  • Creative lighting and dancing colour-changing projections
  • Free perfume samples. More and more companies are having bespoke fragrances made for their brand and sending out samples. We think this is a great idea, and one that will make a brand truly memorable.
  • Even furniture can be part of your multisensory experience. Choose furniture with an ergonomic or unusual design - like our our Ghost Chiavari Chair for hire.

Make Your Event Memorable With Furniture Hire UK

If you truly want to make your event memorable, it really does make sense to think outside the box a little, and look for unique hooks that will have you remembered for all the right reasons. Here at Furniture Hire UK, we have all your furniture needs covered and we would be delighted to tell you more about our event furniture and the pieces that would suit a multisensory event perfectly. Speak to our friendly and helpful team today to find out more.