Keeping Outdoor Furniture Looking Its Best

Keeping Outdoor Furniture Looking Its Best

Few furniture items take more punishment than outdoor furnishings, especially given the UK weather right now! As we write, the office is bathed in beautiful sunshine, but just on the horizon is a heavy, grey cloud, and it’s headed our way.

It’s good to give outdoor furniture a little TLC, especially if it is continuously battered and soaked by downpours and showers. Even UV rays can cause damage over time. Our furniture is built to withstand everything the UK weather has to throw at it, but there are ways you can keep it looking its best all year round. Of course, we always ensure that the furniture we offer to our customers is of the highest standard, but if you are opting for long-term hire, or you have your own furniture that you have purchased outright, you may want to read our tips for keeping it looking its best.

Love Your Metal

Most items of metal outdoor furniture have a protective finish that helps them to withstand the elements, but there are still things you can do to keep your furniture looking great. It’s always best to keep this type of furniture as dry as possible, so a protective cover, or keeping it inside during rainy weather is a good idea. Over time, rust can start to develop, and keeping furniture dry can prevent corrosion from setting in.

Caring For Your Cushions

Fabrics today are thankfully very durable, but they can be prone to picking up grime and dirt on the surface. Even the toughest fabrics can become dirty and dull over time. Fortunately, it’s very easy to restore the brights of your cushions with nothing more than a soft bristle brush and a little water and mild detergent. Simply use your brush in circular motions to scrub away dirt, and rinse with clean water. Then just leave your cushions to air dry.

Keep Your Wicker Wonderful

Wicker, or rattan as it is often called, is just perfect for outdoor use. It’s one of the only furniture materials that brings the indoors outdoors, and it is remarkably easy to keep clean. Most rattan furniture items are coated with a special resin finish which makes them almost resistant to rain, wind and sun. However, they can become dirty on the surface, so just take a bristle brush to them once in a while to scrub away any stubborn grime.

Wooden It Be Good

Wooden furniture is a tricky one. It looks great, and can be quite cosy with the right cushions and accessories, but it can be difficult to care for. We would always recommend waterproof covers for your wooden furniture to prevent rot, mildew and metal fixing from becoming rusty. By covering your furniture when it is not in use, you can also cut down on annual maintenance tasks such as varnishing and painting.

Save Time And Money With Outdoor Furniture Hire

We have a stunning selection of affordable outdoor furniture just perfect for any event or business. Whether you are looking to furnish an al fresco dining area, an outdoor bar area or you need outdoor furniture for a special event, we have everything you need in one place. All furniture will be delivered in perfect condition, and ready for what we hope will finally be a glorious summer!

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