Election Fever: Our Tables Win The Vote!

Election Fever: Our Tables Win The Vote!

The symptoms appear out of the blue. A sudden knowledge of obscure political statistics, wild speculation and a rampant thirst for political news. It could only mean one thing. Election fever!

With June 8th’s election going ahead tomorrow, it’s time to decide who will get your vote, and if you can’t make up your mind, it might be time to start reading up on the latest party manifestos. Here at FHUK HQ, we’ll have one eye on our ballot papers and one eye on ensuring we can supply thousands of polling and counting stations across the country with the furniture they need to cater for this monumental event.

Top Of The Polling Tables - Quite Literally!

We may not be able to predict the result, but we can predict that almost all of our tables will be doing their bit by holding ballot boxes and supporting ballot papers as they are being painstakingly counted. This is no mean feat and we will be working hard to ensure we supply the highest quality tables where they are needed for election day. Not only will we be delivering tables nationwide, but we will also be setting them up and collecting them once the vote has been decided. It’s a huge job, but thankfully we are more than geared up to ensure everything goes to plan.

And our tables will be doing an important job, too! When supporting thousands of completed ballot papers and heavy boxes, it is essential that furniture doesn’t let the event down. A flimsy or weak table that collapses under heavy weight could result in a recount being required, and that is not something anybody would want at 1am in the morning! Our tables are some of the sturdiest and reliable around and offer excellent value for money. What’s more, we offer chairs and other furniture to ensure your busy polling station officers and counting clerks are comfortable throughout the entire day.

There Is Still Time To Secure Your Tables

We may have booked out a huge proportion of our tables for the big day, but we still have plenty left if you need to place a last minute order. We have a wide range of tables available, but for the best results we would recommend some of our more robust tables such as our modular tables, banquet tables, plastic rectangular tables or our folding wooden tables. These are all more than sufficient to give counting teams the space and support they need to count with confidence and in comfort. They are also perfect for supplying to polling stations.

At Furniture Hire UK, we are conservative in our approach to customer service and able to offer the highest standard in labour and quality of service. We also offer a liberal selection of tables, chairs and other furniture that will ensure your polling or counting station is fully functional and ready to go tomorrow morning. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about our furniture and place your last minute order - we would be delighted to assist.

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