10 Things Brides Often Forget

10 Things Brides Often Forget

It takes months to plan a wedding, sometimes even years! It’s a day that you’ll want to be absolutely perfect in every way. However the truth is, that no matter how meticulously you plan, there are always things that are likely to be forgotten. We’ve heard of couples forgetting to obtain their marriage license and even forgetting to confirm final numbers at the venue and paying their final balance.

Don’t risk awkward conversations or a wedding day that is remembered for all the wrong reasons. Read our handy guide on some awesome reminders that will ensure your wedding day is just perfect.

1. Set A Budget

It’s important to set out your budget right from the start, so that you know exactly how much you have to spend. This will avoid you blowing the entire wedding budget on the wedding dress before realising you haven’t got enough money for anything else.

2. Add A 10% Contingency To Your Budget

There are bound to be unexpected costs that you haven’t thought about. Adding a 10% contingency fund to your budget will avoid you having to scrabble around for any extra money. This also gives you a little leeway if you wish to splash out. For example, you may decide to have champagne for your wedding toast rather than sparkling wine.

3. Stick To The Guest List

If you’ve got a restricted budget and your venue charges by the head, it’s important that you stick to your budget and guest list as closely as possible. This is when you might ruffle some feathers, but it’s your day and your money.

4. Decide On A Theme

If you decide on a theme early you can plan everything down to the last detail without panicking at the last minute. Many brides actually plan their theme quite early when they are most excited and so this should be high on your list.

5. Remember To Pay Vendors On Time

The last thing you want is for your photographer or cake maker to pull out because they didn’t receive payment. Agree payment schedules with your vendors so that you keep them happy and everything remains on track for the big day.

6. Remember Your Vendors On The Day

If your photographer is likely to be at your event all day, don’t forget they need feeding and watering too! Most venues will offer a vendor meal that your vendor(s) can eat in a separate part of the venue.

7. Don’t Forget Wedding Furniture

Have you got enough chairs for your ceremony and reception? Do you need any special furniture or items such as an LED dance floor or an extra table for your cake? At Furniture Hire UK we can supply all of the wedding furniture you need to ensure everybody is seated in comfort.

8. Don’t Forget The Wedding License!

We actually do know of a couple who forgot all about their wedding license and had to postpone their big day. The priest thought the couple were obtaining the license and vice versa. Make sure you have this very important piece of paper well in advance.

9. Remember Special Dietary Requirements

From vegetarian meals to gluten-free meals, it is likely that members of your wedding party will have special dietary requirements. Include an area on your RSVP cards for guests to highlight any special requests.

10. Buy Gifts For The Wedding Party

A wedding day requires a lot of assistance from those nearest and dearest. From bridesmaids to the best man and the ushers, you’ll have a lot of people to thank at the end of the day so don’t forget to show your appreciation with some gifts. It’s customary now to do so during the speeches.

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