Room Divider Rental From Furniture Hire UK

Room Divider Rental From Furniture Hire UK

Freestanding screens, sometimes called portable room dividers or partitions, help create temporary private spaces within busy and noisy environments. They can be positioned side by side to create artificial walls within large spaces (for example, to create a communal snack areas) or placed at angles to create smaller booth style areas for more private requirements such as interviews, hot desking and the like.

Suitable for all situations

Freestanding dividers serve as a temporary function rather than a permanent solution and are ideal for all scenarios and environments including offices, classrooms, triage areas, art exhibitions and trade shows.

Fast & easy setup

Portable partitions are used to divide up spaces quickly where permenant non-mobile room dividers are either impractical or unavailable. Screens can even be strategically positioned to conceal doorways to restrooms, backroom areas or security rooms.

Short-term & long-term hire

If you need to divide up your office or workspace, check out our range of freestanding screens and pinboards. We offer two colours (blue and black) for short-term or long-term hire. Don't forget, we can also supply desks and office chairs should you need them. The great news is, the longer you hire furniture from us, the cheaper our weekly fees become!