Furniture Hire UK Top Tips For Event Success

Furniture Hire UK Top Tips For Event Success

When planning any type of event, whether it be a business meeting, wedding, outdoor celebration, conference or even awards ceremony, furniture rental should be a high priority on your agenda.

Hiring the correct furniture can make or break your event. Furniture must be delivered clean and on time. This is what we do here at Furniture Hire UK, all day, everyday - deliver quality furniture to events across the UK, providing an amazing customer experience and guaranteed satisfaction.

We know how stressful it can be organising an event so we’ve put together a few suggestions that will hopefully inspire you with confidence when deciding which furniture rental company to work with:

1. Check online reviews before ordering

You might think all furniture rental companies are the same, but we can assure you there’s a huge difference between companies who simply deliver furniture to your door and companies who keep you informed every step of the way, install and derig where required, and deliver complete peace of mind so you can enjoy your event. Once you’ve found a reputable looking furniture hire company, do a quick search online to check their average review score and read recent customer comments. It will soon become apparent whether the company cares and looks after their customers or not. Don’t just settle for the first furniture rental company you find.

2. Check stock levels

It’s all very well companies showing beautiful images online, but have they actually got the furniture in stock and will they deliver? It’s not unheard of for companies in the furniture hire business to confirm your order and take payment, only to then cancel delivery on the day of your event without any reasonable explanation other than an unsatisfactory “sorry, stock is currently unavailable”. Don’t get caught out - you can usually determine whether or not a company has large stock holdings based on whether they display their stock levels online. You will see, for example, that Furniture Hire UK stock over 18,000 black stacking chairs, and that number is just for the version with linking loops!

3. Cheaper doesn’t mean better!

We all want to save money but is it really worth putting the reputation of your event and company at risk just to save a few pounds? There are plenty of furniture rental companies out there who will promise you the earth and charge less but end up ruining your event. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for! The last thing anybody wants is for guests to feel uncomfortable because the furniture is either dirty, incomplete or even broken. We clean and check the quality of all stock when it arrives back from an event. If there are any quality issues or concerns, we remove the offending items from circulation so you can be assured of receiving the best quality furniture available in the furniture hire industry. We want your event to be a success so you hire from us again in the future.