5 Things to Consider When Holding an Outdoor Event

5 Things to Consider When Holding an Outdoor Event

We all know that English weather isn’t the most reliable, so it is important to take extra care and consideration when planning for an outdoor event. During the summer months and warmer days, outdoor events will highly impress event attendees (there is only a small part of the year that we can catch some sun)! Although impressive, outdoor events are much more difficult to plan and implement. Here are 5 things you must consider when planning an event outdoors.

1. Logistics

Depending on the type and size of the event you are holding you are probably going to need power so it is important to check whether there is a power supply nearby. If there isn’t an accessible power supply you will need to look into hiring some event power generators. You should also consider logistics like where the guests will park and where the nearest toilets are. Having a backup plan for bad weather is also essential if you are holding an event outside.

2. Communicating with Guests

Holding an outdoor event requires a good level of communication with guests; guests must be aware if there is a long walk to get to the event space or if there is grass or mud so that they can prepare suitable footwear. Keep guests updated with changes depending on the weather and make sure they know what to bring to ensure they are prepared for the outdoor landscape.

3. Legalities

The most important thing to consider when planning an event outdoors is whether you need any permits to hold the event. If the event is in a public space you must notify the correct people and ensure that you have the correct permits so that your event can take place and run smoothly.

4. Lighting

If your event will be running during the evening, appropriate lighting must be in place. Lighting can be easily overlooked and forgotten about because it may not get dark until the end of an event but you can’t say goodbye to your guests in darkness! This is also important as a lack of light can be a big health and safety risk.

5. Cleaning Up

Cleaning up must be a top consideration if you are holding an outdoor event in a public space. Ensure that you have appropriate recycling methods in place and that you will be able to leave the space exactly as it was when you arrived.

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