How To Make Your Event More Memorable

How To Make Your Event More Memorable

Leaving a lasting impression on guests can be difficult if they are regular event-goers. Every planner wants their guests to have a good time and a well-thought-out event will leave great memories for years to come. Memorable events rarely just happen on their own, they take considerable planning and research to take place. Here are the things you should consider when planning your event in order to make it more memorable.


Lighting and Colours

Lighting and colour will decide the atmosphere for your event. Choose a colour scheme that suits the type of event you are holding and implement it through the furniture and decor in your venue.  Lighting also plays a big part in the atmosphere of an event; if you want guests to feel relaxed, for example, then bright lighting may not work as well as dimmed lights in your event space.

Photo Opportunities

Social media has made photo opportunities even more important for event guests; people want to impress followers with their photos which is why it is important to consider creating an area for photo opportunities at your event. This could be through a photo wall or an area with eye-catching furniture.

Personalized Gifts

If you are thinking of offering gift bags to your event guests then it is essential to get to know your guests to offer gifts that they would want to take home. The best way to create a memorable experience through gifting is by allowing guests to choose out of a variety of gift bags so that they will be sure to take home items that they like.

Create a Social Media Hashtag

Creating a social media hashtag for your event is a great way to connect guests and make your event more memorable. Using a hashtag on their posts means that your event photos will reach a wider audience and guests will be able to view other guest’s photos all on the same platform!


There are many other ways that you can personalize your event to make it more memorable for guests. Consider the demographic of event guests as well as their likes and interests. Another popular way to impress event attendees is through stylish furniture - here at Furniture Hire UK we have a huge range of event furniture for hire including chairs, tables, sofas, pinboards, stools, LED furniture and more! Browse our range today to find the perfect furniture for your next event.

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