Top Tips on Advertising Your Event Online

Top Tips on Advertising Your Event Online

Technology has opened up countless opportunities for the events industry and free advertising is just one of the many amazing things about the online world. Advertising an event online has become an ordinary task for a number of event hosts, but it can be difficult to use the internet for marketing in an effective way. Here are our top tips on marketing your next event online.


Create a Website or Webpage about Your Event

The first thing you should have in place to market your event online is a website or webpage which contains key event information and eye-catching content such as photos and videos. Creating a webpage that looks great and runs fast is highly important as people can be easily put off of your event if the webpage looks bad! Remember to include information such as the location, time and purpose of the event as well as links to your social media pages and a ticketing platform if you require one. Your website should also be mobile friendly!

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not yet outdated! It is a highly efficient way of creating awareness for your event; if you send an informative email with eye-catching images you will be sure to attract the attention of a number of people in your mail list. You must understand your demographic and target the right people if you intend to use email marketing.

Use Social Media

Having a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page for your business or event is a must, although if you are holding a one-off event then you can also easily advertise through your personal pages. Post engaging content that will get people excited for your event and create a catchy hashtag that people can use before, during and after. If your event is ticketed you could also offer discount codes if people book online through social media or run a competition that would reward winners with V.I.P passes, depending on your event. Social media gives you a platform to be creative so think out of the box for ways to build up interest in your event!

Make Sure People Can Share Your Event

If you are advertising your event on social media then make sure your settings allow people to share your page and posts. Encouraging people to share your posts is one of the most effective ways to market your event; your post will be shared with hundreds of people that will most likely have an interest in your event!


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