Gold Rope

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Gold Rope
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W:1500 x D:35 x | 2.00 kg

Key features:

  • Premium braided rope
  • Sophisticated gold look
  • Fits to poles in seconds
  • Complements carpeted walkways
  • Great for VIP events
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Gold Rope Barrier Hire Completes ANY Event


  • Gold braided rope – smart and sophisticated
  • Rope length – 1.5 metres
  • Strong and robust

Key Benefits:

Often products will include a red carpet. The look is highly sophisticated and will generate a favorable impression with all your guests irrespective of the social or corporate occasion. What makes for a successful event is invariably first impressions which is precisely why it is so important that your first one is a notable one.

Enhance & entrance...

There are few events that have not succeeded in impressing visitors once they have been guided along a red carpet and into the event they are attending. Our rope barriers and posts will enhance the look of any red carpet, complementing it perfectly. One of the many benefits that can be attributed to the rope barrier and posts is the fact they can be used for a multitude of purposes.

Divide and manage

They are not only perfect for VIP events but they can be used for other purposes such as crowd control or to divide areas within a building for example at museums, exhibitions and conferences or simply as a sophisticated and stylish way to welcome your guests both when arriving and leaving your event. The fact that these posts are so elegantly displayed makes them an essential requirement for any event that you want to showcase with a style that is both chic and professional

Inside and out...

The rope posts are ideal for any event regardless of whether this is a social or corporate event. They are also a great addition to areas within a building that need sectioning off, for example they can be used in banks or educational establishments. They are extremely useful for open day events when you need to guide visitors to a particular area.

Typical uses:

Banks, conferences, exhibitions, museums, open day events, social/corporate events, red carpet events.