Spring Social Events

Thinking about getting the back into the outdoors now the sunnier, spring months are on their way? We have just what you need to get you back into the mood for partying...

We are thinking of holding a spring garden party but we will need more furniture to accommodate our guests…any suggestions?

At Furniture Hire UK, we have a great range of outdoor furniture, perfect to get you back into the swing of garden parties. We can offer you stylish, yet simple design tables and matching chairs or even bar stools and tables. The decision making is down to you!


How can we trust the English weather with your outdoor furniture?

Living in the UK doesn’t always guarantee us with the best weather, therefore, our furniture is completely weatherproof, so is perfect whether the sun is out or the rain makes an appearance. All of our outdoor furniture pieces are made of sturdy aluminium and are great for all variety of events, including parties, banquets and even businesses, such as, cafes and restaurants.

A-List Treatment

I want to give my garden party a little bit of the ‘wow’ factor, is this possible?

Yes, here at Furniture Hire UK, we offer a range of party furniture pieces which are sure to give any social event you are organising an A-list feel. A popular choice of product to make your guests feel really special is the red carpet. At the moment, Furniture Hire UK are doing a bundle offer with a red carpet, 10 chrome posts and 8 ropes at an irresistible price of £99 a week to hire. This is a fantastic offer and one which will guarantee to make your party an unforgettable night!

Privacy Control

If necessary, how can I keep areas private from guests?

This is really easy to do with the use of our fantastic chrome stretch barriers at affordable prices from just £10 a week to hire. These won’t only just ensure that guests keep out of certain areas but can also be handy as crowd control barriers if you are holding a larger social event. We also offer similar stretch barriers in black at £19.50 a week to hire, offering the same service.

Simple Set-up

This is great, are these products easy to set up?

If you are strapped for time, then you will love our products as they are quick and easy to set up. We offer stackable chairs, foldable tables and collapsible products for easy storage and transportation so it couldn’t be simpler!

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