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Storage For Office

What furniture would you recommend for organising my office?

It is essential for any business that there is a proper organised way of filling and organising important documents. Without a structured system in place it will be very difficult to keep everything in order and valuable time could end up being lost. At Furniture Hire UK we have a wide range of office furniture that will suit your demands. We have a number of different storage solutions, so you are sure to find something to suit your needs perfectly.

What furniture would help me to organise my documents?

A great piece of furniture to help organise important documents is the 1020mm Double Door Cupboard. This sturdy cupboard has a very robust design so is extremely secure. It features an espangolette locking system to make sure that everything remains safe inside. The 1020mm Double Door Cupboard can be used to store anything needed, not just documents. It could also be sued for stationary or computer items.

The cupboard comes in the colour of white so will not look out of place in a modern office. The 1020mm Double Door cupboard comes complete with one shelf, but if this fitting does not suits your need this shelf can be removed completely, or other internal fittings can be fitted. You can hire the 1020mm Double Door Cupboard for the great price of £6.82. Although the price is low, the quality it not compromised at all.

Do you have any other suitable storage options for me?

We have many storage options at Furniture Hire UK. If you were looking for a slightly bigger storage option than the 1020mm Double Door Cupboard then the perfect option for you would be the 1830mm Double Door Cupboard.

This cupboard comes with all the great qualities of the smaller sized cupboard, but the bigger size means that it is much more practical if you have larger objects or files that need to be stored safely and securely. The 1830mm Double Door Cupboard comes with three internal shelves fitted, but more can be added, or some taken away to suit your need. This cupboard is offered at the brilliant low price of only £11.36. So don’t hesitate and let your office get any more disorganised.

What do I do next?

Give us a call on 0844 567 5744 to enquire further about our amazing storage furniture. Alternatively, you can log onto our website at to view all our different ranges of furniture that will look perfect in your office.