The Great Outdoors - Hiring Garden Furniture

The Great Outdoors - Hiring Garden Furniture

Hire Outdoor Furniture this summer

With soaring temperatures it’s no wonder many, if not all of us are enjoying the great outdoors and soaking up the sun - with caution however. There’s been talk of another heat wave in England over the summer, but let’s hope the temperatures aren’t going to spike quite into the 40’s as many of us have read.

What is a heat wave?

To provide a brief summary, a heat wave is declared when the country experiences maximum daily temperatures above a certain threshold for 3 consecutive days. There are 5 alert levels which range from 0, the base level alert, which reminds authorities to have year round plan to reduce the impact of climate change. Level 4 is of course the highest alert and triggers a “major incident” and “national emergency”.

With these facts in mind, it’s never been a better time to hire outdoor furniture to ensure your guests are relaxed and comfortable from the moment they arrive. Our selection of marquees and gazebos ensure you create a shaded area for visitors and guests as well as for any food or drink you may be serving. At large events such as county shows, fetes and festivals, it’s paramount that stall holders, supplies of goods, beverages or food are kept as cool as possible for their own health and well being.

Outdoor seating keeps everyone comfortable at garden parties

From rattan sets to deck chairs, picnic sets and beer benches, we can almost guarantee we’re able to provide all the outdoor seating you’d ever need to hire at your event. Our Epsom & Ascot Rattan sets are extremely durable, weather resistant and light meaning they can move from one location to another, quickly and easily. We also stock larger white and brown rattan chairs and sofas which come accompanied with matching large or small coffee tables.

Make a statement outdoors

If you’re looking for something slightly different this summer, our barrel tables and matching stools are certainly a statement piece and will definitely be remembered. They stand out, create a rustic, al fresco vibe and will need a decent amount of space to be enjoyed. The table alone measures a metre in diameter.

Classic chrome

Whilst we stock a variety of outdoor tables and chairs, we have also kept our traditional and classic chrome range, including the exceptionally comfortable chrome bistro chair and matching bistro or poseur table. Depending on your requirements, we have stock that matches any type of event whether you’re looking to seat our guests for a prolonged time or create a chilled, social area where guests can sit or perch.

Keep it casual with bean bags

Our bean bags are a common choice for pop up cinemas, private screenings and festivals especially as well as many other outdoor occasions. They are available in seven different colours so match themed events perfectly. With hundreds in stock, you’ll be able to create a relaxed environment in no time.

Package me Up

To assist our clients with their furniture selection process, we have created a range of outdoor packages, ideal for any event of any size. Simply scale up the number of packages you order to comfortably accommodate the number of guests or visitors attending. Whether it’s a company BBQ or personal baby shower, our packages include items such as beer benches, rattan furniture, trestle tables, bars and more.

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